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Service ID and Name Updates Date
ID:501 Facebook Post Likes - G30 New Service 29.09.2020
ID:2159 Youtube Watchtime [4000 Hours] [Lifetime Guarantee] [Read Description] [Channel Link] Price decreased from $28 to $20 28.09.2020
ID:1843 Twitter Video Views - Instant New Service 28.09.2020
ID:406 Youtube Subscribers [Usually Non Drop] R30 New Service 26.09.2020
ID:2159 Youtube Watchtime [4000 Hours] [Lifetime Guarantee] [Read Description] [Channel Link] New Service 26.09.2020
ID:737 Instant Instagram Followers [Real] [Max 30K] AR30 ♻️ New Service 26.09.2020
ID:738 Instagram Followers [Real] [Max 18K] AR30 ♻️ New Service 26.09.2020
ID:2305 Instagram Followers [Real] [Non drop] [Max 6K] R30 New Service 26.09.2020

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