StumbleUpon Marketing Strategy – Gets You More Traffic To Your Site

StumbleUpon is one of the best social bookmarking site that can drive thousands of valuable traffic to your site. You would be surprise to know that, StumbleUpon has just overtaken Facebook as the No. 1 source for social media traffic in the U.S., according to analytics site Statcounter. In this article you will know details about the StumbleUpon Marketing Strategy. Here I have share four steps that will help you learn the ins and outs of using the social bookmarking community StumbleUpon to get more traffic and exposure for your website.

StumbleUpon Marketing Strategy

Why I should Use StumbleUpon?

With StumbleUpon you can easily bookmark your favorite websites. This includes adding your own website or blog to the network giving you the ability to increase the visibility of your web pages and drive traffic directly to them.


1. Grow your network:

Build up your network of stumbler’s that, can help you propel your content up the ranks in the StumbleUpon community and increase your visibility quickly. Just be sure that you provide them quality content and engage with them by stumbling their content too. This will help you to grow your network.


2. Build authority and establish your brand:

The StumbleUpon rating system gives its members the ability to rate any content and leave comments. By taking the time to leave helpful, well thought out comments you can build your credibility and establish yourself as an authority in your marketplace within the StumbleUpon community. It’s a great way to increase awareness and build your brand. Once your web pages are in the StumbleUpon system and will rank by stumbler’s around the world you will no doubt enjoy the benefit of increased visitors and brand recognition.


3. Drive more traffic for free:

Proper use of StumbleUpon can be a great way to increase exposure to your website or blog. Its user driven platform gives members the ability to like or dislike any web pages. With high quality content you can rank properly getting likes in front of StumbleUpon users.


These are only a few ways that StumbleUpon benefit you. It can be an excellent vehicle to get people talking about and sharing your website content.


Get started with StumbleUpon –  StumbleUpon Marketing Strategy #1

In this first step let’s talk a little about what StumbleUpon is? How it functions and how to get started using it right away?


You know that, StumbleUpon is one of the leading social networking sites, used by thousands of people around the world. You can’t ignore the power of StumbleUpon, especially if you’re looking for a no cost way to drive traffic to your website, blog or other online web site.


It’s totally free and very easy to become a member of StumbleUpon. Just visit and join using email or Facebook account.  After you create an account you will prompted to select your interests and find your friends within the StumbleUpon network. You will also have the option to download the StumbleUpon toolbar or use one of the
available apps that they provide to make stumbling an easy and fun experience for their members.


As a valued member of StumbleUpon, you will have access to the community known as ‘stumblers’ where you will be able to rate websites, video clips, articles, photos and many more.


The StumbleUpon platform is based on a recommendation powered system, where members visit (stumble) through websites and rate them according to their likes and dislikes. The more ‘like’ stumbles a link receives the more popular it will become and in turn the more traffic and exposure on the network it will receive.


Stumbling, sharing and adding your own page – StumbleUpon Marketing Strategy #2

When it comes to sharing web pages you like on StumbleUpon it’s just as easy. All you have to do is click the share button on your Stumble Bar and you will be given the option to share the web page you’re on with all of your contacts, a few specific contacts or by email. You will also be given the option of including a message and posting your share on other social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The real key to harnessing the power of the StumbleUpon for your own purposes is the “Add a new page” feature. It allows you to add your own web pages to the StumbleUpon index for other stumbler’s to see.


Another good thing to keep in mind when adding pages to StumbleUpon is to make sure that they load quickly. Slow loading pages will simply get stumbled across, instead of stumbled on. If you’re trying to reach your market with a specific goal in mind it’s a good idea to create a page specifically designed to attract the attention of stumbler’s.


When you are using StumbleUpon to try and get more traffic to your website you always want to keep in mind that was created to help people share and discover interesting content, not to promote products and services. So be sure that the pages you submit are providing real value to the network.


If you have a commercial web page that you would like to promote on StumbleUpon they have a paid discovery service where you are allowed to submit those pages. They also offer Channels as a service for brands, celebrities, and domains where you can add your commercial content.


Add Content Properly – StumbleUpon Marketing Strategy #3

Choosing the proper category is important to get potential exposures. When it comes to adding new web pages to the StumbleUpon network there are three main reasons why choosing the proper category is important.


1. Proper Distribution

Whenever you log into your StumbleUpon account and add a new page from your file have one of the first questions you will have to answer is “What is this page about?” You will be presented with a drop-down box that allows you to choose from a multitude of different topics posted on the StumbleUpon network.


The interest that you select helps determine who your page will be seen. Selecting proper category for your web page you can reach your target audience.


For example, if you have a web page that helps people learn social media marketing, you have to choose “marketing” as your topic of interest. This will ensure that your page will be stumbled by users that are specifically subscribed to that interest. Whereas, if you had picked foods the chances of marketing lovers seeing your web page would be significantly reduced.


2. Gets You More Thumb Ups

Just adding your page to the right category will ensure you to get more ‘Thumb’s Up” ratings, as well as more shares and positive comments. On the other hand if you add your page to the wrong category it will receive a ‘Thumb’s Down’ ratings. It may also get you reported or even removed from the StumbleUpon network.


3. Gets You More Traffic To Your Site

Having your web page show up in the proper category puts it in front of targeted audience. This the best way to take advantage of the massive amounts of traffic that StumbleUpon receives everyday.


If it’s not in the right category, people who stumble it may give it a Thumbs Down. Simply because it’s not what they were expecting to see. It’s in the wrong category or even worse they report it as spam.


The more ‘thumb up’s’ and comments that your page gets, the more it will be shown and the more long term exposure you will receive.


Paid Discovery Feature – StumbleUpon Marketing Strategy #4

In this final section we are going to talk about StumbleUpon’s paid discovery feature. While it’s very possible to get a nice flow of free traffic from StumbleUpon, sometimes you just want more. The Paid Discovery program lets you bypass the time consuming natural discovery and community building process and lets you get right to the traffic.


The Paid Discovery program is similar to Facebook Ads. With StumbleUpon you’re not limited to a small space on the sidebar of a page. You have your entire page put into the StumbleUpon discovery system and shown to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.


Another thing that makes the paid discovery program different from other pay per click or pay per view advertising programs is that it finds users who are interested in learning about new things. While other paid programs finds users who are looking specifically for one thing. The paid discovery program offers three different levels of campaign inclusion to choose from:


1. Light paid discovery option

This is a great starter package that comes with targeting, basic reporting features and integration with Google analystics. This level allows you to start getting traffic for as little as five cents a visitor.


2. Standard paid discovery option.

It comes with a few more bells and whistles, including priority serving advanced targeting and more detailed reporting options. It’s great for building brand and engaging a more specific audience. It does cost a little bit more than their light version, but you can start receiving engaged visitors for as little as ten cents each.


3. Premium paid discovery option

This level is specifically designed for more advanced marketers who are looking to launch products and advertising campaigns with a bang. This level of service is slightly more expensive than the other two options. But it guarantees top serving priority in targeted content streams. So you can be sure your pages are being shown to the right audience, at the right time.


StumbleUpon is a great source of traffic for any website, if you learn how to tap into its full potential. However it’s often overlooked and underutilized. So be sure that you take the time to learn how to use it properly.