Buy child panel and start your own business

Child panel is a smm panel which is connected to our API only and don't support other panels API. You can sell our services directly to your customer with a child panel and your customer never can know about us. It will help you to establish your own website / brand and bring customer for you even when you will sleep. Because everything manage there automatically as like our website.

How child panel works?

1. Order child panel.

2. We will set up every thing and delivery it to you. You just need to edit each page and write description as you want. You also need to active auto payment with your own payment information.

3. Promote your website / panel on various social media, create online ads campaign, do seo or anything you want to reach peoples and grab customers.

4. Customers will visit your panel / website and sign in. If they love will add fund and purchase your service.

5. Once any customer will place order on your panel, it will come to our main server automatically. The order will be done on our server and delivery it automatically. We will take the order cost from your account on "all marketing trends". So, make sure to keep enough fund on your all marketing trends account so that your customer can order any amount at any time.

6. If a service price is $1 in our panel, you can sell it at any price as you wish (example: $1.20, $1.50, $2 etc.). So, if you set up the price for the service $2 which price is $1 in our panel then you can make $1 profit form it.

I am new and have no experience so can I manage child panel?

To manage a child panel you have no need to have experience. This is a ready made website. You just need to replace text / information as you want. Moreover, we are here to help if you face any issue you can ask us, we will help you.

What is the cost of a child panel?

Child panel cost is $25 per month. You have to pay $25 every month as long as you want to use the child panel.

What should I need to start a child panel?

You just need to have a domain. We will provide hosting and SSL certificate. If you want us to provide a domain we can, but you have to pay for it. Domain cost is $8 - $15 per year.

What are the process to start my child panel?

1. At first buy a domain from any reliable provider as like godaddy. If you already have a domain, you can use that.

2. Visit your domain registrar's dashboard and change nameservers / DNS to ours:

3. Contact us via skype: allmarketingtrends or WhatsApp: +8801717677650 and pay $25 for the child panel.

4. After payment sent us your domain address / URL. We will set up your child panel in 5 - 30 minutes and sent you details.

Can I see a demo of a child panel?

Yes you can see our demo:

Can you provide me a professional theme for my panel?

Yes we can provide. We already have a ready made theme and you can buy this one.

Price of this theme: $50 [Only for our child panel]
Price of this theme: $150 [For any other panel]
We will set up the theme and provide support if you have any issue.
You can see the theme demo here:

Can I get special rate if I buy child panel?

Sorry no, service price is fixed here. All our customer are reseller as like you. Some people use our child panel and most peoples use our API on their panel. You can get EXTRA deposit bonus as per your account status / spent.

I want a mother panel like all marketing trends?

You can get a mother panel like us. Get it here

Mother panel cost is much.
Plan A (0 - 1000 monthly order) - $50
Plan B (1001 - 5000 monthly order) - $75
Plan C (5001 - 15000 monthly order) - $100
Plan D (15001 - 50000 monthly order) - $150
Plan E (50001 - 100000 monthly order) - $200

Above price is only for panel not theme. If you want a professional theme like us it will cost extra.

News WhatsApp: +13212139074 and Skype: allmarketingtrends is only payment support. Please create support ticket for order issue. Make sure to read it before next order order rules