Please read below rules before next order

By placing order on this smm panel you agree that you have read and fully understood the following rules and tutorial and all marketing trends is not be held liable for loss in any way for users who have not read the below rules and tutorial.

1. This is a wholesale platform and any service price can increase / decrease at anytime without notice. Make sure to check the service price before order.

2. This is auto server. So, after sending order we can't edit or change the URL and can't cancel the order even if you insert wrong link or delete the post after order. Please check the description of the service and if you confused, feel free to contact us before order.

3. Small quantity order works well and big quantity order can get stuck. So, order small quantity always. If any order get stuck, it can take 0 - 72 hours to solve the problem.

4. Our service works only on public account and post. If any service accept private profile, we have mentioned it on the service name. So, make your account and post public before order. Private account, geography targeted content, age restricted content orders will not qualify for a refill and refund.

5. Do not order for the same link twice before the first one gets completed / cancel / partial. In this case, we can't cancel / refund or provide exact amount of likes, followers, views.

6. For drip feed order we can't refill, refund, cancel even if you get less amount of likes, views, followers etc. Because dripfeed option works on service speed.

7. Our server will look at start count when you submit order and mark completed after enough quantity. So, don't ask us cancel or anything with reason :" views / likes / subs... come from my real user, my fans, other seller, other group or organically.

8. We don't guarantee instant delivery. It can take 1 seconds to 72 hours to start your order. More than 99% of time it works as per the service description and sometimes it takes more time due to server maintenance or problem.

9. After order completed if likes, views, followers goes below start count then we can't refill / cancel / refund. Because, your previous likes, views, followers are dropping which you bought from other provider or gain organically

Thank you for your time and know our rules. Please read the FAQ and how it works page, to know more.


How and where do I get the refill button?

If any service have refill button, you can see this sign ♻️ with the name of the service.

You will get the refill button at the order status page. Click on more button and you can see the refill button. Check out below video for your easy understanding.

How to order auto likes / views?

Please watch below video for your easy understanding.

How to order custom comments?

Please watch below video for your easy understanding

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