👋 Hey , Please read below rules before next order. 👈

Please read below rules of service before next order

By placing an order with all marketing trends, you automatically accept all the below listed rules of service weather you read them or not.

👉 Make sure to check service average time at service page before order. Don't ask us to speed up after order a slow service.

👉 This is automatic server so after place order we can't edit, change, cancel an order even if you insert wrong link. Make sure to check link format example on service description. Order with different link format will not get refill / refund. Make sure to check link format at service description.

👉 If you delete / change / make private your page or URL after place order or after complete the order then we can't refill, cancel or refund it.

👉 Do Not place several order for the same link / post / profile at the same time. Wait for the first order to Completed / Canceled or Partial, before placing next order for that link / post / profile. In this case, our server can't provide actual order amount and can't cancel / refund.

👉 System will look at start count when you place order and mark as completed after enough quantity. So, don't ask us for cancel or anything with reason "Views / Likes / Followers come from my real user, my fans, other seller etc.

👉 We Only guarantee the followers / likes / views that we deliver. We don't provide a guarantee for the total existing followers / likes / views which you bought from other provider or got organically.
Example: If the order start count is 500, the order amount is 1000, we only guarantee the 1000 followers / views / likes that we provided, not the total 1500 or your previous 500.

👉 In case your order has dropped, or not deliveried for server issue and order marked as completed, please wait until we refill, cancel or partial it before placing a new one.

👉 After placing order or after completed order if likes, views, followers drop below start count then we can't start / refill / cancel or refund that order.

👉 For drip feed order we don't provide any service guarantee.

As you are using our services so you must need to know details about this smm panel and how it works. Make sure to read FAQ page and Privacy Policy page.

News WhatsApp: +13212139074 and Skype: allmarketingtrends is only payment support. Please create support ticket for order issue. Make sure to read it before next order order rules