Instagram is one of the leading social media site now. If you are a small business owner and want to promote your business online then Instagram is the best option for you. You can reach to millions of people with just a few fingure clicks. All you need to build up a great Instagram page. Getting followers and post engagements is not an easy task. You have to be action on the community and need work hard.

We all know how important Instagram Stories are to a social media strategy. One of the quickest ways to boost your stories’ views is by adding an engagement-driving sticker (such as a poll, emoji slider, or quiz) to the very first story you share. This will encourage engagement on your stories right off the bat, which is a major indicator for the Instagram algorithm. The more clicks and engagements your stories receive, the more Instagram will bump your stories to the front of the queue.

What is Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Stories are an excellent way to expand your brand reach and drive sales. To make the most of your Story Viewers, use Story insights to uncover more about your viewers. Instagram story viewer is a free online web service to watch Instagram stories both online and offline with no Instagram limitations. You can apply the web viewer for all active stories and highlights of any public Instagram account.

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Why Instagram Story Views Are Important?

You can build brand awareness and drive more sales with Instagram stories.

Something you may be wondering about is how important Instagram stories actually are. And the answer to that is very! Stories is where you can post more personal things and your followers can get to know you better. This will actually lead your followers to know you better and want to engage with your posts more. Also, once you reach 10,000 followers you can use the swipe up link. This is a huge step because if you have a website like I do then you can link your posts. Or, if you use affiliate marketing like I do also then you can use the swipe up feature for affiliate links as well.

If you’re wanting to be able to make money online affiliate marketing is a great way to do that. Adding affiliate links to your Instagram stories is an extra place you can try to make money. Therefore, getting those views to your stories is incredibly important to get.

Should You Buy Instagram Views?

We will say it one time and one time only. Do not buy Instagram views. When you buy views, you are buying robot accounts or fake numbers.

Having a greater number of views correlates to more people seeing your content, visiting your profile or site, and ultimately buying your products if you are a business.

But if those “views” are falsely inflated numbers, how is it beneficial to your brand? The only reason this is usually done is to show-off more ‘followers’ in an attempt to seem popular or credible. Unfortunately, it’s just not worth it.

These purchased views will not convert into sales or support your brand.

Additionally, if Instagram detects that your account has suspicious activity, they could block you from performing normal functions on the app indefinitely. If you’re thinking of purchasing fake followers to get views on Instagram, remember this will only hurt your account in the long run.

So now, let’s dive into how you can get more views on Instagram organically and help increase your brand’s Instagram engagement.

What to post to your Instagram Stories

As much as a story needs to focus on conversion, businesses should try to create posts that focus on engagement and connection. It's essential to create lighthearted and promotional content with a mix of fun.

To maximize engagement, you can craft unique and fresh content:

Create visual 'How to' tutorials for your products

Provide free tips and tricks

Present the latest news about your products or news from your industry

Unveil 'behind the scene' content

Showcase an event or a tradeshow your business attended

Invite influencers for a profile takeover

Give special promotions, discount codes, last minute offers

How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories

Derived from the popularity of Snapchat, Instagram Stories have quickly become one of the easiest, quickest, and most authentic ways to share content on the app. And on top of that, consumers have responded extremely positively to brands using Stories as a form of native advertising.

“62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.”


In other words, Instagram Stories are an excellent way to connect your customers with your brand, so let’s look at how you can maximize the views on your Instagram stories.

1. Use the Location & Hashtag Sticker

The best way to get more views on Instagram stories is simple: use the stickers.

Because Instagram Stories have the ability to show up on the Instagram Explore Page, these features will give your content a better chance of showing up on non-follower feeds.

Whether it be tagging a relevant location or a popular hashtag, utilizing the tools the app has provided is proven to boost your reach, engagement, and thus views on your Instagram stories.


2. Utilize Engagement Features

Instagram also has several interactive stickers including polls, quizzes, and questions that allow your followers to actively participate in the content you are promoting.

Have you ever noticed that the first few stories at the top of your feed tend to be your closest friends and favorite brands – or in our case our awesome team members?


That’s because the Instagram algorithm automatically sorts the stories of accounts you follow in order of who you interact with the most.

Therefore, these engagement-driving stickers are incredibly useful for getting more consistent views as your fans interact with your stories and you land a spot at the front of their story queue.

3. Post Consistently

On that same note, make sure you are posting consistently to stay top of mind and continue to create opportunities for your followers to view your Instagram Stories frequently.

There is no magic number of Instagram Stories to post each week, but once you get a schedule locked down, keep it.

Creating an effective social strategy is a lot of hard work, but Instagram’s careful planning, strategy, and Instagram Insights will help you do it right. These metrics are a very helpful tool but don’t take them as the end-all answer for owning a successful Instagram account with tons of views.

Instead, use these numbers as a guide in conjunction with your creative strategy. If you implement all the tips, tools, and strategies we’ve suggested above you will be on your way to get more views on Instagram stories, posts, and videos in no time.