Instagram sales techniques – Apply these tricks today and increase selling

Have the question in mind, how people use Instagram for business and sales purpose? Do you want to reach out the right audience? Want to spread you message to the right people? Do you have an online business and want to increase selling with Instagram? Well, look no longer, this article cover that all. End of this article you can learn some Instagram sales techniques that will help you to get all previous questions answer.

Instagram sales techniques

With 1 billion monthly active user Instagram is one of the most popular and the most growing social media site in the world. As a business owner you can’t ignore that massive amount of audience. With the proper use of Instagram you can take your business to the next label. Let’s see below some techniques that can increase your selling with Instagram.


Instagram sales techniques 1: Post regularly

Posting regularly will increase organic followers and engagements dramatically. Try to post at least once a day. The more often you post, the more likes and followers you get. More organic action can bring more potential exposures for you. So, try to post as much as possible.


Make sure you are posting valuable content only that can like your audience.


Instagram sales techniques 2: Post at the right time

Timing is important for social media marketing and promotion. At first find out the time, when your targeted audience are online? Then try to post at that time to get more peoples attention.


Example: If your targeted audience is in USA, try to find on google that when the most US people active on Instagram.


Instagram sales techniques 3: Use audience targeted hashtags

As like twitter hash tags are the key elements in Instagram marketing. It makes easy for people to find others who are posting about topics they’re interested in. By including the appropriate hashtags in your post, you can reach targeted people interested in your business, service or products. The key is to use hashtags that not only describe your photos and business, but are also actively searched for and used on Instagram.


The best option is to use the same hash tags in 3 different post using different image. It will help you to get hash tags ranking on Instagram. Also try to get instant engagements on your post to get feature page. Top position of the hash tags search can get you more exposures.


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Instagram sales techniques 4: Highlight social proof

Social proof is the psychological preference for doing what other people are doing, because if other people are doing it, it proves that it must be worthwhile.


Let’s go back to the restaurant example for a second. The reason you’re tempted to visit one of the restaurants with people in it instead of an empty one is because you assume the empty restaurants aren’t as good. After all, if they served good food, people would be in them, right?


That’s social proof in action. Even if the empty restaurants actually have better food and service, since more people are in the other ones, the assumption is they’re better. Got it? This concept can work for your Instagram sales techniques.


Nearly 63% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has some form of social proof like product ratings and reviews. In social media ratings and reviews are likes, share and comments. Each likes / comments on your Instagram post works as a rating / reviews about your business, service or product. So, try to get more engagements on your post.


Instagram sales techniques 5: Highlight product proof

People want to know about the product or service before purchase it. They also want to be sure that how the product or service works. If you show people about your business, service or product then more people will be interested in it. The more people will be interested in your business the more benefits you will get.



Instagram sales techniques 6: Enable people to see details what they see

If you want to get most out from Instagram post, you need to make it possible for people to see details what they see in your posts. You can add a good call to action and short link within your bio which sends people to the specific page in your website.


Always include a campaign URL when possible. Users are not able to include active URLs within Instagram posts, but you can still write out your campaign URL for people to copy and paste into their browser.


Another way to share your campaign URL with followers is to update your Instagram profile information, add your campaign URL for the display “website” option.


Final words

Instagram marketing if very effective with instant engagements. Try to get likes, views and comments immediately after posting if you want to get your post at the feature page. Hope you have got some Instagram sales techniques. Now it’s time to apply them in your marketing campaign and increase selling.