How to Get Instagram Video Views on Your Video – All Marketing Trends

Video marketing is going to take the number one position of all marketing trends. If an image worth is more than hundred words so how much worth a video is? Yes, this is quite hard to describe the worth of a video. However, as a giant social media platform Instagram can drive potential traffic to your business. No matter which stage your business is now. Instagram has all ages audience and you can easily grab their attention with a viral video. Getting more views on Instagram video post becomes more easily if you know the right steps to follow. As an expert in this issue, I want to share you some tips from my practical experience and end of the article you can know how to get Instagram video views easily for your video post.

Get Instagram Video Views

Get Instagram Video Views on Your Instagram Video Post:

In this article I will teach you how to get more views on your Instagram video and end of this article you will get some incredible ways that can help you to your video viral on the community.

  1. Optimize your Instagram video post description.
  2. Choose relevant hash tags for your Instagram video post.
  3. Run Instagram paid video post ads.
  4. Keep eye on social proof.


First of all, if you want to get a lot of views in a short period of time then one of your best bets is to create some topic content about something that is big right now. It could be a remix of an already popular video, a cover of a popular song, a review or parody of a movie that just came out, or something related to a big news. Catch the trend, make it more persuasive, focus on what the customer want to listen.


Optimize post description and get Instagram video views:

Describe your video as correctly as possible, use it to give viewers the reason to click to watch your videos. But remember it is long enough, not so long that make the viewers boring. It’s just like a blog post title. A video offers more context than a still image, so keep that in mind. Put the most important and engaging stuff before the see more button if your caption is long. Use line breaks to section a long caption into more manageable chunks.


Choose Relevant Hash tags and get Instagram video views:

Hash tags can help you to get more followers and engagements. It also can increase your post visibility that can reach you to the potential customers. More leads mean more conversions, and more conversions means more business. Hash tags are not just for your Instagram photo posts or Stories. You can use them for your video post as well.


A clever has tag on its own can actually be enough to encourage users to watch your video. More importantly, the right hash tag will help you expand your reach and can potentially connect you to new members of your target audience using the search feature. So, choose the best hash tags for your video posts and reach potential customer around the world.


Run Instagram Ads and get Instagram video views:

Instagram paid ads is the best way to get millions of views for your video post. With Instagram advertising you can enjoy all of the advanced targeting option by Facebook. You can target your potential customers. The more people you can reach, the more views your Instagram videos can get.


Instagram ads is very effective since its release. Technology company LG proved this when its Instagram video ad campaign saw a reach of 16 million relevant users and over 1.7 million engagements. While these are drastically big numbers (and were likely very expensive to obtain), SMBs can replicate these results on an appropriate scale for their brands. Use Instagram Ads to get more video views.


Instagram has historically had higher engagement than other social platforms. Its ads from ecommerce brands have a higher CTR average than Facebook. Initial video ads were deemed highly effective at first release. Keep in mind that Instagram ads do typically cost more than their Facebook counterparts, so watch your ad spend carefully.


Keep eye on social proof and get Instagram video views:

Social proof is the idea that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing. It makes sense, right? When we see a line of customers waiting to eat at a restaurant or a photo of a celebrity drinking a certain brand of coffee, it lends an air of gravitas and quality to the product, doesn’t it? Social proof in your marketing and advertising can have a huge impact.


If a new people land on your Instagram page and see the video has lots of views, he / she might view it. Besides, the people can see your other post as well and engage with them and if likes your product may visit your website and purchase products. On the other hand if the same visitor see a few views on the video he / she will think you have nothing here worthy and will skip your account.


There are hundreds of online company selling real views, Instagram post likes and comments on Instagram post with cheap rate and you can buy from them. Keep in mind that, internet is full of scammer so choose the reliable company otherwise you will lost your money and time.


Final thought:

Instagram is a great platform for sharing videos that educate your audience, attract more customers, and help to express your brand voice. Follow these tips to get more views for your Instagram video post and start seeing more engagement from your followers.