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Facebook is the largest social media site in the world. At the same time All Marketing Trends is the largest social media service provider in the world. We have own social media server and able to provide high quality auto post likes with cheap rate. We are happy to introduce here the fb auto liker service now. Whether you are an individual, business owner or celebrity and looking to increase your Facebook fan base, reputation and fame, we can help. If you are trying to increase engagements on Facebook, try this service. Please see below our FB Auto Liker service package and price.

FB auto liker Service Worldwide

  • It takes 2 – 5 days to active the campaign.
  • Start liking immediately in a few seconds after you post.
  • Campaign validity 30 days ( no matter if you post everyday or not, this campaign will be invalid after 30 days from activate)

Note: Every post must have 15 minutes gap. (Works on both Fan page post and Profile post)

Package Name and Price Buy Now With Below Button
100 auto likes on every post (unlimited post daily) for 30 days – $15

200 auto likes on every post (unlimited post daily) for 30 days – $25

500 auto likes on every post (unlimited post daily) for 30 days – $50

1000 auto likes on every post (unlimited post daily) for 30 days – $100

2000 auto likes on every post (unlimited post daily) for 30 days – $200

3000 auto likes on every post (unlimited post daily) for 30 days – $300

5000 auto likes on every post (unlimited post daily) for 30 days – $500

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Did you feel angry when your friend get more likes on his / her Facebook profile picture or fan page post than you? Do you also need some likes on your profile / fan page post? Well, we can help you and here is the solve for the problem. We have develop the game changing FB Auto Liker service over the past 6 years. This service can help you get instant likes on your profile status or fan page post.

FB Auto Liker

Benefits of Buying FB Auto Liker Service:

Increase Selling and Build Brand Awareness: This is fully automatic service and can boost user experience. Every time you update your Facebook profile or fan page, this service will add likes on that post. In a few month you will be an influencer and it can build your brand awareness along with sales.


Increase traffic and search engine ranking: As the giant social media site Facebook has a great impact on search engine ranking. Every like / share on your post from social media will count as a vote to your ranking factor. Once you will get ranking your post on search engine, it can drive massive amount of traffic to your business.


Increase website credibility and popularity: If people visit your Facebook profile or fan page and see every post has a few likes, it will reflect on your business. Most people will go to another page with enough post likes. Having enough likes on your Facebook post will increase your site credibility and it can make your site popular one in the world. Keep in mind that the most engagements you will have, the higher your credibility will be.


Low cost marketing and higher ROI: This is the low cost Facebook marketing method in the world. If you can post high quality content and use this service properly, it can brings ROI.


Stay up to your competitor: Buying fb auto liker service will give you an immediate exposures over your competition, especially those competitors who do not have enough social media presence. If your page has thousands of likes and your competitor only has a few, then you will appear to be more popular and successful. And ultimately it will give you a distinct competitive advantage.


How FB Auto Liker Service Work?

This is very simple and fun. When you will publish a post on your Facebook, our automatic system will detect in a few seconds. Once our system will detect the post, it will add the post to our server. Finally, our server will added likes on it as per your purchased package.


For example: Aryan wants 1,000 likes on each post to be sent to his next 30 days. After the 30th day the system will mark his order as complete.


Warning: Our system will scan your account every 5-10 minutes to look for new posts. Once it finds a new post, it will add your auto likes order immediately to the queue to be processed. If you delete a post after our service has added it to the job queue, you will NOT BE CREDITED for the deleted post.


Facebook post must be set to public in order for service to pick up a new post. Account must have at least one public post in order for subscription to be activated.


Delivery: Our working hour is 8 am (GMT+6) to 12 am (GMT+6). If you place order during this time, will be proceed in a short time. Order during offline will be proceed when we come back. We will sent you an confirmation email about your order status.


Why Buy FB Auto Liker Service From All Marketing Trends?

Increase engagements: At allmarketingtrends we know you are busy person so let us take care of your post likes and you can focus on posting great Facebook content. With this auto likes service you will get a lot of real likes which will increase the post reach and post engagement on the page.


Best BF Auto Liker service: Our regular users have given us the opportunity to make this service a great success. Over past 6 years we have update the service regularly. Now, we are the best auto liker service provider in the world.


Loved by customer: We have thousands of happy customer and they love us.


Auto like on Facebook profile Status and fan page post: Our game changing service allow customers to boost likes on both Facebook profile status and fan page post. You can get likes on every post. No matter if it’s simple post, image post of video post.


Great customer support: We love our customers. Now they can contact us via Facebook messenger, twitter direct message, contact page and skype. If you need any help ask us online or leave us a offline message.


How many Facebook Post Likes will I get?

You will get the amount of likes you have purchased. For example, if you buy the 1,000 likes package, you will receive 1,000 likes or maybe 1,050 likes on each post. During the working hour this system will count all likes in favor of us.

For example: You have published a post at 8 am and our system detect it 8:01 am and adding likes till 8:02 am

So, the working hour is 8:01 am to 8:02 am

And during (8:01 am to 8:02 am) all likes will count as our favor. No matter if you get hundreds of organic likes during this time.


How many Facebook Posts can I post per day?

We accept unlimited post everyday. We don’t like spamming on our server. There are thousands of people wanted to take advantage from this service. If you post too many post every day our automatic system will mark them as spam.


This is better if you give 30 minutes gap for every post. We have to do this to prevent abuse of our system. If you need more though, just use our manual Facebook post likes service. You can buy up to 30,000 likes on each post using this manual service.


Will Fb auto liker Service add Likes to my old posts?

Nope, it works only for new posts or status. You will get likes on new post once your order will active. We will sent you a confirmation email about the order activation. If you want likes on your old posts, you have to get those individually.

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FB Auto Liker Service
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by Aimee Butcher on FB Auto Liker Service
Fb auto liker

An outstanding job, everything that other buyers say about this service is absolutely true -- creative, efficient and providing service over and above the call of duty. Thanks to Golam,

by ทมิน รุ่งเรืองยั่งยืน on FB Auto Liker Service
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The seller is extremely gifted and prompt.

by Терентий Пирогов on FB Auto Liker Service
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Excellent work!!!! Very professional!

by آسانا افغانی on FB Auto Liker Service
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This is my fourth order with Golam, and I'll keep coming back.

by 府川 一樹 on FB Auto Liker Service
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I have done several jobs with Golam and he is always super fast, meets my deadlines and does outstanding work!!!

by Quinto Milano on FB Auto Liker Service
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Very pleased with service and quality of the work.

by Marlon Boulanger on FB Auto Liker Service
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Very fast and easy to work with!

by 沈佳玲 on FB Auto Liker Service
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Great easy to work with

by Marina Pinto Melo on FB Auto Liker Service
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Exceptional communication and excellent quality! Thank you!

by Abdul-Hadi Ghawth Hadad on FB Auto Liker Service
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Excellent communication all round.

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