Facebook Marketing Ideas – Everything You Need to Know

Facebook is one of the social media sites that has shown the fastest growth over the last few years. You would be surprise to know that, if Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world right after China and India. If you are not using Facebook to market your online business, service or products you are leaving a lot of money on the table. If you do not tap into this massive source of traffic immediately, you would potentially be missing out of tons of new leads and traffic for your business. There are many ways to market with Facebook. Most of these ways are totally free and some ways are paid forms of advertising. In this article I will share some Facebook Marketing Ideas that can take your business to the next label. Excited? So am I. Let’s Get Started!

Facebook Marketing Ideas

Table of Contents: Facebook Marketing Ideas

  1. Marketing via Facebook fan page.
  2. Create Facebook groups / community.
  3. Hosting Facebook Events
  4. Facebook Contest
  5. Facebook paid ads


Marketing via Facebook fan page (Facebook Marketing Ideas #1)

Marketing via Facebook fan page is the most effective and low cost way. Today, there are over a billion users on the website, comprising a large chunk of the population that is ready and willing to pay for any goods and services they perceive to be worth the price. In fact, more than half of the people who do online shopping actually have Facebook accounts. A lot of marketers are now using this website not only to drive traffic to their website, but also to increase brand awareness. All you need to have plenty of fans and decent amount of engagements.

The Facebook fan page power:

A Facebook fan page is essentially the same as a Facebook profile. This is where members can become your fans and stay up-to-date with everything that your business is doing. They can also write on your wall, learn about any special promotions, upload photos and talk to other members. It is where you can provide your fans with updates and engage your audience.


The advantage to having a Facebook fan page for your business is that you are not limited to the number of fans your business can have, unlike Facebook profiles which are limited to 5,000 friends. Additionally, Facebook Pages can be easily found with a search engine as they are visible to the public by default. You can also add a variety of applications to further engage your audience. Please see below the power of a Facebook fan page.


  1. The possibility of going viral. One reason why Facebook allows you to get a lot of mileage through viral marketing is because of fan pages. A person who “Likes” a fan page will automatically make all of the people in his or her network know that he or she has become a fan of a certain page, which can then entice them to check such page out, which can lead to them becoming followers of the page themselves. There is no limit to the number of fans a fan page can get (as opposed to a personal profile page), which means you can literally have millions of people following you.
  2. Easy way of sharing information. The fan page allows you to send information to literally thousands of people with just a click of a button. You can give them information about new products, special events, and other such information to make your brand more appealing to your audience.
  3. Provides a field where the company and the consumers can interact. The key to getting people to purchase a product is not only to make them see just how it can help them and make their lives better, but also to build a relationship. They will know that you as the manufacturer or a marketer is someone who is trustworthy and reliable who won’t fool them into buying duds.
  4. Customizability. A Facebook fan page can be customized to make it look more appealing and stand out from all of the other pages on the social networking website.
  5. Cost-effective. Getting a fan page won’t actually cost you a cent, but it can lead you to increasing


The Power Of Facebook Likes

The key to the effectiveness of Facebook fan pages is the “Like” button, with the thumbs-up icon pretty much becoming synonymous with Facebook itself. This little button that depicts a hand in a thumbs-up position holds a lot of power, simply because it shows not only the number of people who are actually interested in what you have posted, but also because “Liking” a page or a status automatically puts it on their own timelines, making it visible to those in their own network and giving them the opportunity to see what the fuss is about. This effectively saves marketers time and effort, since they don’t have to try to grab the attention of these people themselves, as their own followers can actually do this for them.


The brilliance of the “Like” button is that it’s actually easy to use. You literally just click on that small button and that’s it. There’s no need for you to create your own personal message before posting this on your own Facebook Wall. With a single click, you can actually broadcast to other people in your network news and information that caught your eye. For companies, the “Like” button also holds certain appeal, because it actually gives them an idea what their customers are looking for, based on what updates receive the most number of “Likes”. Furthermore, the “Likes” on updates can also be used as a gauge to see just how effective your current marketing efforts are. The more “Likes” you get, the more likely it is that the marketing route that you took appealed to your audience.


Tips to create an effective Facebook fan page:

Now that you’ve seen just what a Facebook fan page can do for you. It’s now time to come up with a fan page of your own that will appeal to your audience. Creating a fan page is really very simple. But how to create an effective one that will entice people to become followers of it. Some tips that you can use in order to make a fan page more appealing to your audience are:


  1. Choose a good name for your fan page. Make sure that you name your fan page well. This doesn’t just refer to what will appear on the banner of the page, but also to the actual URL of the fan page. Choose a name that is easy to remember so that your readers won’t have a difficult time in remembering what the address is if they want to visit it.
  2. Set an eye-catching landing page. The landing page will be the first thing that visitors will see when they drop by your fan page. So make sure that it’s done really well to hook the attention of your target market.
  3. file picture as well. As cheesy as it may sound, a picture does paint a thousand words, and it will also give visitors an idea about what the page is about even without having to read through mounds of text.
  4. Make your fan page informative. Make sure that you put in all of the relevant information about your business on to your fan page. You can put on your fan page history of your business, what products you’re selling, and why your target audience should choose you instead of your competitors.
  5. Put in great content. Content doesn’t just mean news and information (although those are certainly important). It also includes photos, videos, and other such files that will help you draw the attention of your target audience.
  6. Update it regularly. Make sure to post updates regularly on to your fan page.


What to post on your Facebook fan page?

You shouldn’t just focus on posting about what you have to offer. Post some informative information on your niche and funny content. Your audience may be interested in your product, but probably not so much that they want to be bombarded with praises about it on a daily basis. Some suggestions you may want to look into when posting content on your Facebook fan page are:


  • Post creative content. Content on Facebook isn’t the same as writing droll, dull news articles. In fact, going down the boring route can actually mean losing customers instead of winning them over. Make sure that the copies that you post are written in a way that will appeal to your audience. Don’t be afraid to use a casual tone when you write. That way, you will be seen as more approachable by your audience, which can do wonders for consumer relationship. You can even use humor, not only because funny things easily catch the eye of people, but also because it can make you more likeable.
  • Post a call to action. Don’t just post bland information. Invite your followers to take action, even if the action is as simple as asking them to “Like” the post you’ve just put up.
  • Post photos, videos, and sound clips alongside the text. One great way for you to increase the amount of interest people have in what you have to say is to add multimedia files such as photos, video clips, and audio clips that will go with the text. This will make your audience become even more intrigued with what the text says.
  • Write about other relevant information related to your niche. Not just about what your company and your products are about.
  • Ask questions. You can also post questions on your fan page directed to your followers to get them involved. For example, if you’re in the music industry, you can ask them to name the top 5 musicians of all time for them. You can also ask holiday-themed questions such as “What’s your favorite Christmas song?” or “What’s your favorite holiday?” Ask questions that will generate interest and incite responses from them.
  • Offer exclusive deals. One reason why a lot of people are willing to follow Facebook fan pages is because they know that there is something in it for them. In exchange for having them follow your fan page, you can also post deals that will be exclusively available to them. Such as price cuts on some products that you’re selling, freebies, and other such goodies. You can even offer rewards to your loyal followers.


Create Facebook groups / community (Facebook Marketing Ideas #2)

Facebook Groups is actually the predecessor of the Facebook Fan pages. While it’s true that groups does not provide as much interactivity and flexibility compared to fan pages.


Building a community is vital to your online business success, especially if you want that success to be long-lasting. Facebook groups gives you that option but remember that your group can‟t be build around your product or no one will be interested. You need to focus on building a group centered around a cause or interest that ties in with your goals yet has social importance to draw people to join.


Like fan pages, Facebook Groups allow the group members to interact with each other and discuss topics that they are interested in, share photos, videos, and links, and other such activities. Unlike fan pages that only allow the members themselves to become followers. Facebook groups allow members to invite those in their network to join the group.


Hosting Facebook Events (Facebook Marketing Ideas #3)

Facebook Events are an excellent way to increase brand awareness. You can use Facebook Events to promote a product launch or to market an existing product by offering attendees a bonus in the form of a discount coupon.


Many marketers feel that online events are not worth the hassle because the return in sales is pretty low for the work required to maintain interest in the event. However, if you look at the issue from the perspective of building relationships with your prospects, then events can be invaluable. After all, while your ultimate goal is to building relationships with customer so it’s worthy. Relationship build trust and trust drive sales.


The latter will generate a much better ROI over the long term since you don‟t have to expend as many resources on finding new customers. In fact, a study showed that repeat customers cost a business 6 times less than acquiring new customers and they also spend 33% more.


Finally, hosting an event can also provide you with the opportunity to meet your client base face-to-face, which can also open several doors when it comes to marketing opportunities.


Facebook Contest (Facebook Marketing Ideas #4)

If you don’t want to have to create an app but nonetheless want to generate as much activity as what you can get by launching an app, a great option that you can take would be to run a contest on Facebook. Lucky draws are always a good choice, as are contests that allow other members to vote on which entry they feel deserves to be the winner. These contests are easy to hold and easy to manage, so you shouldn’t experience that much difficulty in managing these.


You don’t even have to spend a lot on the prizes you will be offering. Small tokens or great deals may be all you need to give away as prizes. In exchange, you can potentially enjoy several benefits, including, including creating buzz among your target audience regarding your company, building customer trust, and encouraging interaction between you and your followers.


Facebook paid ads (Facebook Marketing Ideas #5)

Another reason why you should consider marketing on Facebook is because of Facebook paid ads. Facebook offers an advertising system similar to Google‟s Adwords platform. You can easily select who your target audience is, set a daily budget and also measure your results. You also have the option of choosing to pay based on the number of times your ad appears or to pay for clicks.


Of course, you can’t just create any ad that you want. Facebook has established a set of advertising guidelines that you will need to conform with if you want your ads to be approved and displayed on the social networking site.


Some tips  on creating Facebook ads:

  • Changing ads frequently. Even if you have the budget to have your ads appear on the site for a long time, people may become disinterested in clicking your ads just because they see the same advertisement over and over again. Changing ads frequently (as well as changing your landing pages for your ads) will mean that people will continue to be interested in what you have to say, because you are offering them something new every time.
  • Recycle ads. If you’re not a fan of creating multiple ads, you can actually pause ads and then reactivate these later on in order to keep your ad from becoming old (as well as to save money). Some experts suggest pausing your ads when these tire to 25% or less of the CTR you originally got from these, and then reactivating these later on.
  • Changing your target market. This might seem like a huge risk at first, but taking this leap can actually lead to great rewards, especially if it actually turns out that you were targeting the wrong demographics in the beginning. If you can afford it, try to experiment and see which demographics respond to the different ads that you make.
  • Try out Geo-targeting. Geo-targeting simply means setting a target market that is from the same location. This allows you to create an advertising campaign that is specifically tailored for them to increase the chances of lead conversion.
  • Launching ad campaigns. Instead of just deploying one ad at a time, what you can do instead is to create an ad campaign wherein you will be releasing different ads at roughly the same time. This will not only generate more interest in what you’re promoting, but will also give you an idea on what types of ads generates more responses (as seen in the number of clicks and even lead conversions). That way, you will be able to design your marketing efforts to follow what your audience is actually looking for.


What’s great about advertising on Facebook is that you will be able to control just how much money you will be investing on the ads. So you don’t have to worry about spending over your budget. Aside from allowing you to control your maximum bid, you will also be able to control how much your budget will be for advertising on Facebook. By setting a daily or lifetime budget, you will effectively be alerting Facebook to avoid posting your ads once you’ve reached your budget limit. That way, you don’t end up spending more money than what you originally planned.



Facebook mistakes you should avoid :

Becoming too “Salesy”. This is a big no-no. The main purpose of your Facebook fan page is to connect with your customers and build a strong rapport. Each time you sell them, you take away “rapport juice” and they will become less responsive to your content as time goes by.


Not split testing your ads. If you are advertising on Facebook and you don’t have multiple ad campaigns to see which converts the best, you’ll potential be leaving tons of money on the table. Split test your ads, get rid of those that suck.


Not engaging your audience. The amount of success your business will have is not just determined by the number of “likes” you get. You have to turn your audience into raving fans by getting them actively involved in your fan page.


Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll be on the path to success.


Bonus Tips for Your Facebook Marketing Ideas

Social proof is the key factor in social media marketing. Keep in mind that, people don’t want to know who you are and what you are offering? They want to see social proof. If they see you have thousands of fan in your fan page they will think you are trusty and might  follow you. When they see your post has thousands of engagements they will think it’s good product and might visit the product or like it. This is social proof. So, if you want to take advantage you must keep eye on the social proof.


Here at all marketing trends we offer plenty of Facebook marketing services that can help you to show the social proof. There are hundreds of individual and brand taking advantage from our service so why not you too?


Conclusion (Facebook Marketing Ideas)

As the biggest website today, Facebook offers a lot of marketing opportunities and benefits that you can take advantage of and even have fun pursuing. However, while investing your time and money on the social network site can lead to a great pay-off, do bear in mind that Facebook is only tool that you can use to obtain your objectives. Don’t become so focused on this social networking website that you end up ignoring all of the other options available to you to drive traffic to your site, build a community, and generate sales and conversions. Also, do remember that it can take time for these strategies to work. Don’t expect that your efforts will pay off overnight. The process of building a good community on Facebook can take time, so exercise patience throughout the process. So, it’s time to jump on the Facebook bandwagon before its too late!