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If you are an musical artist then SoundCloud is the best social network to share your music. Getting listener for your songs is a challenge if you are a new musician. Don’t worry, this special service can get you thousands of listener that can boost your popularity and reputation. All Marketing Trends has helped over 50,000 artists, musicians and bands since 2012 to promote their music. In this highly competitive music market no one can stand without huge plays. We have delivered over 5 Billion plays and we’d love to help you too. Let us boost your tracks and get you more exposure instantly. We make it easy! It is the dream of every music artist that his every track will get millions of plays. Yes, your dreams are just a few click away. So, buy SoundCloud plays from below table and make your dream true.

Buy SoundCloud Plays Worldwide

  • Order will start immediately if we are online.
  • It will takes time if your order when we are offline. In this case have to wait until we come back.
  • Sometimes it takes 72 hours or more due to server maintenance.
  • You can split the order. (If you want to split, please contact us before order!)
Package Name and Price Buy Now With Below Button
5k SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $3

10k SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $5

25k SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $10

50k SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $20

100k SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $40

250k SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $100

500k SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $180

1 million SoundCloud Permanent Plays – $300

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Buy SoundCloud Plays

Why buy SoundCloud plays from us?

  • Able to generate 1.5 million plays for a single track.
  • Plays from real human profile from all over the world.
  • Low price service in the world with highest quality.
  • Non drop plays from real listener and we provide lifetime guarantee.
  • 100% money back guarantee if plays from more than 10%
  • Variety of payment methods. We accept PayPal, Xoom, Payoneer, Payza and Bkash.
  • Multi label support via Skype, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger and Contact form.


Spend your time where it matters most and let us do what we do best. Our world best and game changing service can raise tour track popularity so the world hears it.


Should I buy SoundCloud Plays or Not?

Buying plays for SoundCloud tracks is not everything. It’s about getting your track listen to thousands of people and getting attention of big record companies. As you know the music industry is over crowded and standing out is very difficult. But purchasing this service can be the first step in your online music marketing strategy.


Create an engaging page with thousands of followers is the next step. Make the songs that people actually want to listen to. Be unique, creative and relate with your audience. Creating an engaging page is not easy, it takes time and efforts. If you have a little amount of followers with few plays on each tracks, people wouldn’t stay with you. On the other hand, when the same people will see you have thousands of followers and decent amount of plays they will repost, follow or likes it.


It’s completely your own decision you will buy or not? You must need to know that, nobody wants to listen to something that other people don’t want to listen to. Having a large amount of SoundCloud plays and engagements on your uploads is an indicator of quality, and is a great way to get visitors interested in what you’re doing. The more plays you have, the higher your chances of being seen by the people that matter. Buying SoundCloud plays is just one way of getting there!


Buy SoundCloud Plays Benefits:

Increase track popularity: When you buy plays, our automate server will add real play to it. It will increase the label of your track popularity. Keep in mind that, people will only listen that songs which has been praised and appreciated by other users.


Get more engagements: Popular track always acts as a point of attraction to online uses. More SoundCloud plays can brings more engagements for your track. With the massive amount of plays, you will get a certain amount of credibility and listeners will take your music seriously.


Get access to various events: When your track will get 100,000+ plays will definitely have a strong impact on your profile. Everyday hundreds of event managers and clubs searching in internet for young and creative talents for a variety of events. As the best musical social media platform they at first search in SoundCloud. When they see massive amount of plays in your track, they are bound to be attracted to your music. If they love it, they will hire you for their various events. Performing live on stage is the ultimate goal for any every musician. If you can perform well there, your artistic career can take you to the next label.


Brings organic followers: More plays bring more followers. Yes, this words is true in SoundCloud network. Audience are attracted to things which everyone is talking about. Boosting the play count of your SoundCloud tracks enhances the reputation of your profile and helps gaining organic followers.


Plays shows your track quality: On SoundCloud, listeners judge a track by its play count. Most of people always check a track that has more than 10 thousand plays. Believe it not but true that plays shows your track quality. No matter if the content is good or bad.


Is it Safe to buy SoundCloud plays?

Yes, our service is completely safe. We are here since 2012 and never get any complain from customer. We offer real plays from our own SoundCloud server and don’t outsource service in other provider. Besides, our plays should not dropped as they are from real people. Moreover, we are the trusted service in the world and we do not in any way violate SoundCloud Terms of Service. So, you are 100% safe with us.


There are hundreds of company offering this service. Most of them are not secure because they don’t have own server. Buying plays from those company can heart your reputation!


Tips to promote your tracks on SoundCloud:

Get recommendation by influencer: Social media recommendation is great and it can brings potential exposures for you. It’s impossible for average artist to get top play counts even if the quality of his / her song is at per with that of a Taylor Swift song, is not it?


Use SoundCloud paid ads: As like other social networking site SoundCloud have paid ads opportunity. It gives premium and brand partners the option to promote audio tracks for maximum reach. Promoted tracks are listed at the very top on user’s audio stream and score large number of plays in a short period of time. Promoted tracks produce instant results, however they are much expensive for newbie artists and small businesses.


Social network promotion: You can’t underestimate the power of social media.
Sharing SoundCloud track links on other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter is an effective way of promoting. This tricks works well for every people and businesses that have or don’t have a significant fan base on SoundCloud.


Can someone know if I buy SoundCloud plays?

No! none of the world can know even SoundCloud management that you bought plays. But if you have 500k plays and a few likes, reposts and comments then anyone can guess that you bought them. So, make sure you are doing it right. We have other SoundCloud services and you may check them.


How long does this take to complete my order?

We are online 16 hours everyday from 8 am (GMT+6) to 12 am (GMT+6). If you order during this time your order will proceed shortly and if you order during offline it will take time until we come back. Once your order will start we will confirm you via PayPal email. 90% times it take a few hours to complete the order after proceed. Sometimes it may take 72 hours to start your order due to server maintenance.


Can I buy plays for other people?

Yes, you can do that for your friends of any people. We just need your track URL and make sure the track is public mode. We never ask for login information. In fact, if a provider asks for any login information, stay far from them – it’s probably a scam.


However, if you want to get your track trending on SoundCloud, you must need logical amount of followers, plays, reposts, likes, downloads and comments. We the only company that can provide everything which you need to stand out in SoundCloud.


Having problem with the PayPal buy now button or do you have any question regarding the service then, just write me details using any of our contact method.

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