Why People Buy Social Media Followers and Engagements

Want to increase social media followers and engagements? Or may be followers and engagements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest or another social network? Well, there are hundreds of ways to increase followers on social media. Buy social media followers and engagements is the easiest way to do that. I’m sure buying followers is an idea if you straggle getting some followers at the first stage. I know fake followers can’t make contribution to my business by engagements but I want them, why? Well, read the full article and end of this article you will get the answer.

Buy Social Media Followers

You might be shocked to know that half of celebrity’s social media followers are fake and thousands of business or individual buying it regularly. So if thousands of people are scooping up fake followers, then it must have its benefits, right? The New York Times published an article “The Follower Factory” detailing the fake followers and engagements.


From celebrities to politicians, it has become a necessity to amass a large following in a short period of time if you want to stand out from the noise. And even if the followers you accumulate are fake, the clout that comes with that impressive number is very much real. A large social media following can make a grassroots politician appears as an authoritative voice. It can turn a musician into a rising star.



Should I Buy Social Media Followers and Engagements?

If you want to grow your social media account quickly or want more engagements on your post you must need to buy social media followers and engagements. If you already have thousands of followers and enough engagements of you post then you have no need to buy it. With few followers and low engagements it’s hard to promote any business in social media. In social media people want to listen from popular account. Not from an account which has a few or average amount of followers.


The more Followers and engagements mean more business. In theory, the more followers and engagements you have, the more likely people will listen to your viewpoint or consider spending money on your products or services. The belief is that customers are positively influenced by large numbers of followers and likes on social media sites because they see these numbers as an indication of the value of a product or service. As everyday thousands of people are buying followers and engagements on social media, who knows some of them are your competitor?



Why People Buy Social Media Followers and Engagements?

No one want to spent money without a reason, do you? As thousands of celebrity, politician, musician, business owner and individual spending money for social media followers and engagements so, there is some reason behind it, is not it? I don’t know every person needs and why they buy it but I found some reason below why many people do it.



1) Social Proof:

The argument that many make to justify purchasing fake followers is that the practice actually leads to more organic followers. This is because people will see an account with a large following and become curious about the content, or why this account is so popular. In other words, fake followers can lead to more attention from real human beings. You may read this article is about behavior imitation to reflect correct social behavior.


2) Take Social Media Power:

A large social media following and engagements gives the impression that you’re important one in the community. Here’s a little story to illustrate how this works.


Let’s say you started a new website and bought some new plugin to maintain it. But one of your plugin is not working properly, so you do a web search to find a solution.


You discover two blog posts that seem to solve the problem. One post shows it has been tweeted 2,000 times. The other post has been tweeted 20 times. Which one will you read?


I’ve asked this question to thousands of audience over the years and not one of them has ever answered “the one with 20.”


Think about this astonishing truth — it doesn’t matter who wrote the article or where it appeared. The article may not even be true. But we chose this as the authoritative work because of a number. And this is the awesome power of social media.


3) Fuel to your social media engine

There is a lot of money and fame associated with “influence” status. The care and nurturing of these badges of social proof is big business with high stakes.


I’ve been passed over for work and speaking assignments because other people had more followers than me. Udemy rejected a course proposal because they said that in the business category they only worked with people who had at least 200,000 Twitter followers (I had 120,000).


If the cards are stacked against me at these companies that value irrational symbols of power, why should I maintain an authentic social media presence? Doesn’t it make sense for everyone to fake it?



Break Following Limit:

To get real followers you must need to follow lot’s of targeted people every day. Unfortunately, every social media has a following limit and you can’t follow new people when reach the limitation. In this situation many of us start unfollowing massive amount of people to keep the following and followers ratio. But doing it unprofessionally can harm on your account.


So, how should you break the following limitation? The best option is to buy social media followers from a reputable provider. If you buy 10,000 fake followers it will cost $20 or less. But you can follow more 10,000 people and hopefully 40% of them will follow you back. So, you will get 4,000 legal followers. Isn’t it worth buying fake followers?



Is It Worth to Buy Social Media Followers and Engagements?

I wouldn’t answer the question. It’s your terms to answer the question. There are thousands of people against it and they have own argue. Everyone has a personal opinion so, take the decision yourself.