Buy Instagram Automatic Comments For Your Next Posts

All marketing trends is the only Instagram services provider that offer auto services for Instagram likes, comments, and video views. Now you can save your valuable time ordering comments for every post. Here we offer an incredible auto service and you now can buy Instagram automatic comments for your new posts. If your Instagram account has lot’s of followers and likes but no comments, it looks odd. Our game changing service can help you to get up to 1000 auto likes on every new post as per your purchased package. Please see below our package and prices for the service.

Buy Instagram automatic comments (random comments)

  • Random comments from real human profile.
  • Permanent comments that will stay forever.
Package Name and Price Buy Now With Below Button
100 Random IG comments on next 50 posts – $75

200 Random IG comments on next 50 posts – $150

400 Random IG comments on next 50 posts – $300

600 Random IG comments on next 50 posts – $450

800 Random IG comments on next 50 posts – $600

1000 Random IG comments on next 50 posts – $750


If you need comments on your past post you may try our manual comments service. Comments are the reviews for the image you have posted. Keep in mind that real audience always read comments from your post. So, having decent amount of comments is important too along with likes.

Buy Instagram Automatic Comments

Why buy Instagram automatic comments from all marketing trends?

All Marketing Trends is the main provider for all kinds of social media services. We never outsource service to another company and never share customers information to get more order from new customer. So, your Instagram account and all information is 100% safe with us.


Besides, we provide cheapest service with highest quality that no one in the internet can provide. We also offer 100% money back guarantee if our comments drop or unable to provide service.


Unknown company outsource service to the main provider and sometimes they share customers account information to get new order. So, your information is not safe with them. So, when you are going to build up a business relationship why not with the big one?


Do I need to buy likes along with the comments?

This is a great question and many of my past customers asked me this question. Well, here is my answer. If you have enough likes on your every post than you have no need to buy likes. It’s best to keep the ration 10:100


I mean if a post has 100 likes then it need 10 comments. If your post has 1000 likes it need 100 comments. There is no boundary to get likes and comments. The more likes and comments you will have the more post impression you will get.

How long it will need to get if I buy Instagram automatic comments?

If we are online, will proceed your order in short time and sent you an confirmation email. We are online 16 hours everyday from 8 am to 12 am (GMT+6). If you ordered during offline, you have to wait until we come back.


Our automatic server will detect your new post in a seconds and add it to our server. You will get comments from 1 to 15 minutes after publish new post.


Never change your account name and user name after purchase this service. If you change them, our server can’t find your account and will mark your order as completed. In this case, we are unable to provide refund.


I said that our server will detect your new post in a second. If you delete any post immediately after publish our server will count it as complete.

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