Twitter Influencer in Your Industry – How to Be That!

Twitter is one of the most popular and top engaging social media site in the world. Twitter has 330 million plus monthly active user and the number are increasing day by day. From teenager to celebrity everyone is using Twitter everyday to read news, search product, read reviews and many more purpose. As a small or medium size business owner you can’t ignore the handsome amount of active people. If your business have no presence in Twitter, surely you are losing some potential customers and you competitor may taking the chance. Being a twitter influencer in your own industry is important and it can save thousands of dollars. In this article I will teach you How to Be Twitter Influencer in Your Industry and end of the article you can learn the tricks.

 Twitter Influencer

What Is Twitter Influencer?

Twitter influencer is power users who can help your potential customers make a buying decision through twitter networking. Whether they’re a blogger, product reviewer, industry expert or a trusted source of information, your twitter influencer is unique to your field and product or service.


Being an influencer is not easy and you can’t be a twitter influencer over night. You have to work hard and need an engaging twitter page with handsome amount of twitter followers. The more followers you will have the more quickly you can reach the goal. There is hundreds of business spending thousands of dollars every day to promote their products and services with the influencers. All kinds of business from small to big brands are trying to be an influencer in their industry. So, without spending huge time or some money it would be quite hard for you to be Twitter Influencer. Well, let’s see How to Be Twitter Influencer in Your Industry.


  1. Increase followers
  2. Increase engagements
  3. Be social
  4. Tweet regularly


Increase Followers

Follower is the most important element to be twitter influencer. The more followers you will have the more people will follow you and the more people follow you the more people can know you and the more people know you the more people can trust you. When people will trust you then you can influence them by a tweet.


If a twitter page has few hundreds of followers people may not follow that page they want to follow the popular one in the industry. And they think the popular page offers good products and that’s why so much people follow them. So, to get potential customers you must need handsome amount of followers in your Twitter page.


How much followers is good?

From my practical experience it’s minimum 100k. I worked with several established marketing platform and saw how people choose twitter influencer to promote their business, service or products. At first they check the followers count then engagements. When the check followers count they check only the page which has minimum 100k followers. Besides, 100k is the magic figure and great amount to start.


So you have that amount of followers? Well, check out the next trick. Don’t have 100k followers? Well, try to increase your followers and check out my next trick below.

How to get 100k or more twitter followers?

One of the best ways of achieving followers in twitter is building relationships with people that have an active engaged audience for the niche you are targeting. But this is hard to reach the goal and may take several years to get 100k followers. So, the solution is – Buy Twitter Followers


People buy from people they know, like and trust!


Increase Engagements

Without engagements (retweets, likes, mention and comments) your page has no value even it has millions of followers. The rule of engagements is same as followers. People will engage with your tweet if they can see many people have retweets and likes that already. Post quality content with attractive image and hash tags can increase engagements. You have active followers, posting quality contents but can’t increase engagements? Well, try this service and see how it work – Buy Twitter Retweets and Likes


You are posting lots of tweet everyday so that is hard to buy engagements for every tweet as you have to submit the tweet link every time. No problem, here I have a solution for you – Buy Auto Twitter Engagement.


I saw many established brand using the auto engagements service to boast their influence so you can use it without hesitation.


Be Social

Not only post your own staff in twitter, it can bore your followers and they may unfollow you. So, try to retweets, likes and comments on interesting tweet in the industry and be social.


Tweet Regularly

If you want to be an influencer in your industry you must need to tweet regularly with the hash tags. Only huge followers and engagements can’t reach you to the destination if you don’t tweet regularly.


You have all elements now (followers, engagements etc.) to be a twitter influencer but can’t see your tweet at the top of twitter search result? Well, keep posting for 30 days and hopefully you can see your tweet there. Do you have any question on How to Be Twitter Influencer in Your Industry? Feel free to drop a comment below.