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Marketing Means Connecting with Your Potential Customers

Golam Rabbani/ July 13, 2017/ Advertising, Marketing

Let me first describe, what is marketing? Marketing is communication with the intent of informing and educating an audience or consumer about a product or service including its value to them. Marketing is at the heart of your business. On other words, Marketing Means Connecting with Your Potential Customers. Businesses engages in a variety of activities to market to their target

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How and Where to Sell Your Antiques Online

Golam Rabbani/ June 1, 2017/ Ebay, Etsy, Sales

Here is How and Where to Sell Your Antiques Online. The painting or vase you found in grandma’s basement or at a yard sale is now an antique. You want to sell it but you have no clue where. There are several online venues for selling antiques. They offer a platform for showcasing and getting the best value for your

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How to increase your sales with the right keywords

Golam Rabbani/ June 1, 2017/ Sales, Small Business

This article will teach you How to increase your sales with the right keywords. Selling Products Online isn’t an Easy Task! If you are an Amazon Associate, EBay Affiliate Partner or you are just trying to sell your own products, you are definitely grappling with tons of ways and techniques to build traffic to your website, blog, and/or e-shop. You

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Effective Book Marketing Ideas to Promote and Sell Your Book

Golam Rabbani/ February 17, 2017/ Book Marketing

If you’ve just published your first book, congratulations! It’s an incredible accomplishment. You may check out my Effective Book Marketing Ideas to Promote and Sell Your Book.   Marketing your book doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are some ways you can market your book without a lot of thought, time, and money spent on it. Here are some ideas

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The Pros and Cons of Etsy Selling

Golam Rabbani/ May 27, 2016/ Sales

There is no doubt that when it comes to selling handmade items Etsy are the giants of online marketplaces, but is it as easy to sell on there as everyone makes out and is it worth your time and money? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of becoming and Etsy seller…   Pros Normally there is good

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How to Get Potential Customers from Twitter

Golam Rabbani/ May 1, 2016/ Twitter Marketing

Many people think, Twitter is the way to push information and news. However, it’s also possible to use Twitter as a sales tool, rather than a marketing tool. No matter how small or large your business is, with 320 million active users Twitter definitely has a good amount of your customers already on it. Are you a business owner and

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Make The Most: Your Business on Twitter

Golam Rabbani/ March 8, 2016/ Twitter Marketing

Originally the stomping ground of the media and tech crowd, Twitter is now far more broad-ranging, as increasing numbers of celebrities and press coverage spread its appeal to a wider audience.   Although it has been around since mid-2006, the end of 2008 was its time to shine. Having made its name scooping conventional news sources during the Mumbai massacres,

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Knowing Your Audience Is Key To Any Marketing Success

Golam Rabbani/ March 5, 2016/ Twitter Marketing

Tools are emerging to help understand who your social audience really is.   An argument has emerged between a high school friend and me about what the first rule of writing is. She insists it was Layne Tackett’s freshman English class where we learned the K.I.S.S. rule, or keep-it-simple-stupid, was the first rule of writing. I argue that it was

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Why You Should Use Twitter For Your Business

Golam Rabbani/ February 16, 2016/ Twitter Marketing

Social media is the only place where you can find all kinds of people. Twitter is now one of the most popular social media site in the world. Thousands of individual and business are using twitter to promote their product, business and service around the world. “70% of small businesses are on Twitter”. If you don’t present your business there

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