Why sponsored content is the most effective advertising method now?

When it comes to promoting new business, many individual and companies still rely on display advertising rather than sponsored posts. They might not know that the average display click through rate is very low. If you want targeted traffic to your business that can convert then sponsored content is the best option for you. It can help you to drive targeted traffic, increase domain authority and get higher ranking on search engine. Plus sponsored post can build your brand reputation.

sponsored content

You would be surprise to know that, the average display advertising click through rates across all ad formats is only 0.05 percent. Besides, there are hundreds of ad blocking software around the internet continues to grow in popularity. View ability is affected by ad blocking, with Google reporting that 56.1 percent of all impressions aren’t seen by users due to ad blocking software. So, is not it high time to think about other advertising method? It’s on you.


What is sponsored content?

Simply it’s a post on other website promoting your business, service or product. You may pay them for the content or exchange same service in return of that. In other word, it’s a paid post describing your brand or promoting your business, service or product.


For instance 83% of brands reportedly create branded content for their website, 69% distribute content in other forms of digital media, and 67% purchase placements for branded content for advertising purposes.


Why sponsored content is important for your company?

Sponsored content allows you to reach that audience who are interested in your business. It’s the way to express your opinion in a writer’s voice and promote your business. If you’re promoting a service, an advertisement only gives you a few words to deliver your message. With a sponsored post, readers can know details about your service before they buy and make an educated decision.


Depending on the publication, sponsored content can include text, photos, video, or a combination of all three. So, it’s the most powerful advertising method that can present your brands properly. This is especially important in competitive markets, or when you’re a new or up-and-coming entrant.


Build positive sentiment toward your brand. Small business owners and entrepreneurs notice Sponsored Content. They appreciate your efforts to reach out and inform them. Sponsored Content as part of an overall marketing campaign helps manage how the small business community perceives your brand.


It can build your brand online and can increase domain authority. Domain authority is very important to get higher ranking on search engine. As you will use your targeted keyword as anchor text to get back link from the post so, it will help you to get higher ranking in search engine.


In today’s highly competitive environment, it is important to build a trusted brand. Since consumers are increasingly becoming indifferent towards advertising, sponsored post is invaluable in building a true brand. To capture and engage the attention of perpetually connected consumers, organizations need to understand the content marketing process and how to leverage this marketing strategy.


How to select the right sites for your sponsored content?

Since sponsored or branded content comes from someone else, the creators, it is important you figure this out for online success. Check out what their website authority and how dominant their social media reach is. There are hundreds of agencies and website offering sponsored post, before buying make sure to check out below information:


Domain and page authority: This is a ranking score from Moz on a 100 point scale. This points are calculate to see how well a website will perform in the search engine results pages. The higher the score, the more authoritative the website is viewed as being.


Google analytics: Ask the creators for unique monthly traffic. You may take an idea using alexa. The lower number rankings correlate with higher traffic data. Alexa can collect traffic data if a visitor has their tool bar in their web browser. So, the data alexa provides is not accurate.


At all marketing trends we have more than 50% mobile traffic as you know that mobile user don’t use alexa tool bar. So, they can’t collect the mobile users date from our site which is more than half of our traffic.


Social media reach: Check out their social media fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ask them that they will publish the sponsored post in their social media or not?


Final words on sponsored content:

So if you’re looking to attract users who consume content on websites relevant to yours, then sponsored or branded content is the right choice for you. It’s likely that traffic coming from websites in your niche will convert better.


The good thing about sponsored or branded content is that it will help you reach your desired audience and increase your chances of finding more paying clients. Let’s not forget that getting connected with your industry’s influencers and letting them know who you are can both be helpful, and that’s something that sponsored post can do for you.