This is How To Sell Art Online

Painting and other crafts can earn you money as a part time job. Art is a very relaxing and creative activity which I love.


Painting on canvas with acrylics is now earning me a small income too. because I am selling my paintings online.


Some Paintings By L.M.Reid

The People's Garden, Wales
The People’s Garden, Wales
The Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland
The Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland

Selling Art Online

I explain how to sell art online by creating your own Facebook Page.


Below I have outlined where I Successfully Promote and Sell my Paintings.


This will give you some ideas of where you too can explore places that might be willing to display and sell your paintings. I always wanted to paint on canvas but did not know much about mixing colors or even how to start.


During the last recession in the early 1990’s I was unemployed and decided to join a painting class at my local community center.


This is where my creative painting skills were finally allowed to surface. Our tutor was a very patient and enthusiastic teacher.


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I Paint with Acrylics on Canvas

Once the economy started getting better I was too busy with a full time job and my other interest of writing online. So my painting took a back seat. Now that I have been made redundant yet again I find that I have time to return to my second interest of painting.


With the need to make some extra income I decided to look for places I could display and sell my paintings.

Art Exhibition
Art Exhibition

Sell Paintings at Art Exhibitions

If you are a member of a painting group do they hold any art exhibitions? If not then why not organize one. The art group I joined all those years ago is still going strong and holds an exhibition of the group’s paintings twice a year.


It displays the art work in the local library free for three days in their exhibition room. They also show and sell their work in the larger city library for five days within the main library itself.


Two of my paintings sold within thirty five minutes of the opening in my first ever art exhibition a few years ago! This really gave my confidence a great boost.

Painting Exhibition in the library by my Art Group
Painting Exhibition in the library by my Art Group

Promote and Sell your Art in a Community Art Gallery

This type of art gallery is becoming very successful and they are opening all over the UK. why not inquire if there are any in the area and country you live in.


It all started because local artists wanted to display their work but could not afford to set up their own galleries. Some of them got together and decided to set up a gallery in their area for local artists.


They rented premises and ran the gallery together on a volunteer basis. They displayed their own work and invited other local artists to do the same.


The gallery I am a member of charges £5 a year to become a member and it costs £1 a month for each painting I have displayed at the stop.


There are Many Types of Artists who are Members

On show are paintings in acrylics, oil and watercolor. We also have ceramic art, pottery and other mediums of art for sale. In this particular gallery the commission is charged at 15% for each painting sold.


Each artist is only allowed to have three pieces of work displayed a month. But when they sell an item they can replace it with another one.


This is because although this gallery is only open for just over a year it has become a very successful place to sell art. Therefore space is limited.

Art Gallery
Art Gallery

How To Sell Your Art

Displaying and selling your paintings in cafes. Because I have been selling my paintings regularly it has given me the confidence to find other areas to display them for sale.


I have already agreed with a cafe on the sea front to allow me to put four paintings on their walls.


We came to an agreement of 25% commission for them with each sale. These will be ready for the summer months and the subject of these paintings are scenes of the local area.


This is a very good promotion tactic because it is a great way to get your name as a painter known in the area. Even if customers do not have the money to buy your art work they will be sitting in the cafe long enough for your art to leave an impression on them.


Some Paintings By L.M.Reid

Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Painting

Craft Shows and Fairs

I display and sell my paintings and other craft work I do at home once a year at a Christmas Craft Fair.


This same fair has one at Easter and the summer but once a year is enough to earn me some decent money.


Last year there were over 30,000 visitors to the craft show over the four days.


When people come to a craft fair they expect to pay a decent amount of money for the handmade items.


The one I go to is held in November so that many customers are looking for unique Christmas presents.


They come prepared with lots of money!


Look online or in the local paper for crafts shows or fairs beside you.


They are a profitable place to promote your art and crafts.


It is hard work but very enjoyable too because over the four days you get to meet and chat with other people who make money from their crafts.

Craft Show
Craft Show

How To Sell Your Paintings Online

Create your Own Facebook Page to Display your Paintings.


If you have a Facebook account you can create your own page just to display and sell your paintings.


This is free and you will also get a lot of feedback which is helpful.


When you sell your paintings online you keep all of the profit.


To do this go to your homepage and you will see on the top right hand corner ‘create a page’


Etsy and other Craft Sites

These sites have the advantage of allowing you to take payment from customers easily and have a great reputation and network.


They are free to create and set up but do charge a percentage of every sale you make.

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Set up your own website

Yes it will cost money to set up and run but the initial outlay costs may be worth it in the long run. If you are a full time artist then this option could suit you best. You will not have to pay out commission to the galleries or shops that agree to display your paintings.


I am very fortunate that I can display my art work in plenty of local places so do not need to sell my work online.


I do not paint full time so would not have enough paintings to make this way of advertising and selling worth it for me.


But this is a good way of showing people what your work is all about.


They can see for themselves what kind of art you produce and if they wish they can buy it. A lot of artists would not be near enough to get to local shops, cafes or art galleries to display their work.


Where to Promote, Display and Sell Art

I have given you ideas for just a few of the places where you can display you paintings and other art work. I hope the above suggestions will help you earn an income from selling your paintings.


Good luck


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