How to Do Search Engine Optimizing In 2018

Do you have an online business, website or blog? Want to increase traffic, conversion and sales? Well, you must need organic traffic to reach the destination. Organic traffics are the most valuable traffic for your business. To get organic traffic you need to rank your keywords in search engine. Search engine optimizing is the way to get ranks your keywords in search engine. Many of us don’t know how to do SEO for better result? That’s why I am writing this article. Read this article fully and apply the methods in your SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) steady and get better result.

Search Engine Optimizing

To get better ranking in search engine you have to increase your domain authority. If you have a high authority domain, you will get rank higher just with quality content. And you have no need to build back link to get rank. So, the importance of domain authority is unbelievable. You may check your domain authority here.


Domain authority is scored on a scale of 1 to 100 (the more score the best) using an algorithm designed by Moz. It’s easy to get a score 20 – 30 for your domain. Authority between 40 and 50 is considered average, between 50 and 60 is considered good and over 60 is considered excellent.


How to increase domain authority? (Search Engine Optimizing)

There are 40 different factors to increase domain authority, but the following are some of the most important and you may try them now.

  • On page SEO
  • High quality content
  • Social signals


1)  On page SEO (Search Engine Optimizing)

On page SEO is the first step to get domain authority. Without proper on page SEO it’s impossible to get good domain authority. Please see below some major on page SEO tactics.


Mobile friendly site: You might know that 51.12 percent of global web traffic originated from mobile devices. That’s why search engine gives top priority to mobile friendly website. If your website is not mobile friendly, it’s high time to make a responsive website that can load on every device.


Site speed: Slow website can bring bad experience for the visitors. User friendly website can brings great value for on page SEO. Make sure to check your website loading speed. If it takes long time you may use any CDN.


Internal linking: This is one of the top on page SEO factor. Try to use as much as possible internal linking to your every web page. Make sure to get a link to the main domain URL too.


Use Meta tags: Meta tag is important for search engine. Don’t forget to write Meta tag for every page. Make sure to use the main keywords in the Meta tag.


Use image alt tag: One image worth is more than thousand words. But if the image is not SEO friendly it can’t bring value for you. Don’t forget to add image alt tag for every image in your website. Make sure to use the keywords as the image alt tag.


2) High quality content (Search Engine Optimizing)

You might hear many people saying “content is the king”. Yes, they are absolutely right. Without high quality and SEO friendly content you can’t increase domain authority. Please see below factors to make high quality and SEO friendly content. At first install Yoast SEO plugin in your website and then create new post.


Title: Create creative title between 46 to 67 characters and must have the focus keyword in it.


URL: URL should have the focus keywords.


Text: Try to create long article minimum 1500 words. Focus keyword should use in the first paragraph on the article. Don’t uses focus keywords in article body or other paragraph more than one time, try to use it in the sub heading as much as possible.


Image: Use focus keywords as the image alt tag.


Internal link: Internal link should be normal / do follow. Don’t use no follow internal link.


Reference: Reference link or outbound link should be no follow and use at least one reference or outbound link in every article. Make sure the link domain has high authority.


Please see below image for your easy understanding.

Search Engine Optimizing

Article readability: Article readability is one of the top factors to get ranking. Please see below image to know how to make a readable article for Search Engine Optimizing.

Search Engine Optimizing


3) Social signals (Search Engine Optimizing)

This is hard to find an internet user who is not using social media site! Yes, you can find millions of people who are using internet only for social media. All age’s people are using social media and most of them are active every day. So, well social signal can brings potential traffic along with SEO value.


Do you know how social signals make contribution to your SEO? Each social media likes, share, recommendation will do as a vote for your website. So, the more votes you have the better result in domain authority. The more domain authority you will have, the more link juice you can get.


Try to get as much as social media recommendation for your website. There are thousands of social media site in the world. All of them are not worthy. So, try to get votes from the popular sites only. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the popular social media sites.



Other factor – Search Engine Optimizing

Linking Root Domains – This is the number of unique back links your website has earned. So if it has obtained 20 external links from two different websites, then you’ve only had two linking root domains. Earning a few links from different websites will boost your ranking more than earning many links from the same website.


Link Building: Good link can build your domain authority dramatically. There are plenty of ways of building link but all of them are not effective. Only guest blogging / sponsored post can be the best way to build domain authority.


Forum posting, bookmarking, profile link building, blog commenting are not effective to get authority.


Make sure to get dofollow link as much as possible. Nofollow link can’t contribute to your aim. There are a few site likes wikipedia has high authority though they provide nofollow link.


Domain Age: Domain age is another factor to get authority. So, if you did above methods but didn’t get expected authority it’s time to check your domain age. The more age your domain has the more value it can drive.