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Making money online is very simple if you have social media influence. There are plenty of social media over the world but Instagram is the most popular and most growing social network at this moment. So, if you want to make money with social media, Instagram is the best one to start. Creating a social media page is just like abc but getting followers is hard. Making money with Instagram is mostly based on the amount of followers and engagements you have. In this article I will show you everything what you need to make money on Instagram. Read this article completely and end of the article you will find some ways to make money with Instagram.

make money on Instagram

How many followers and engagements should I need to make money on Instagram?

This is the most asked question over the internet by Instagram users. It would be hard to tell the specific amount. The more followers and engagements you will have the more chance you have to get big sponsors. If you are a newbie and want to make money with Instagram then, 100k followers and 10% engagements is good enough to start.


How to increase followers:

There are several ways to make money with Instagram. To make money with Instagram you must need an establish page with decent amount of followers and engagements. If you don’t have enough followers and engagements then here are some tips for you to gain that.

• Complete your profile properly.
• Post regularly quality and funny content.
• Engage with niche people.
• Use Instagram ads.
• Exchange shutout with other people.

I have written a complete guide on this topic to get Instagram followers organically and quickly. You may read the full article here.

How to increase engagements:

Engagements is the key to get sponsors for your Instagram page. Without engagements, followers have no value. So, the importance of Instagram engagements is much. If you ignore it, sponsor will ignore you.

• Post both image and video content.
• Build branded hash tags.
• Take advantage from popular hash tags.

Without high authority you can’t increase organic engagements. Now it’s time of building brand and authority. If you want keywords ranking on search engine, you need a good domain authority. Same as, if you want good engagements on Instagram you have to increase influence and authority over the community. You may read this article for Instagram personal branding and authority.


As you are still reading the article so I think you are seriously interested to make money with Instagram page, right? So, without proper knowledge it would be hard for you to make huge money. There are hundreds of article online about Instagram marketing. You may take some idea from them. Few days ago I have written a killer Instagram marketing guide for individual and business, you may give a look.


How to make money on Instagram?

Now you have enough experience on Instagram followers, engagements and marketing. So, let’s come to the point. Here are some ways I have found for Instagram to earn money.


1. Become A Brand Partner: (make money on Instagram)

People and companies are willing to pay you to promote their products on your Instagram account. The promotion can take one of two forms. The company might provide you an image and caption they want you to post on your Instagram page, or the endorsement can be collaborative effort to create the collateral together.


There is a strong demand for influencer marketing. Recent research shows, marketers who implemented an influencer marketing campaign earned an average of $6.85 in media value for every $1 they spent on paid media.


So how much you should charge for each post? published an incredible finding on Instagram Influencers through a study of 500 Instagram influencers accounts.

The study shows that:

  1. Average price paid per post was $271
  2. Average follower count of an influencer is 63,000
  3. Fewer than 1,000 followers charge on average $82.60 a post
  4. Accounts with 100,000 followers or more charge on average of $763.30 a post

For those wanting to find out their estimated earnings per post, check out this fantastic tool created by Influencer Marketing Hub: Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator.

make money on Instagram

Finding partnerships can be difficult. You can either go the cold call route and direct message 100 potential companies every day to see if they’re interested. Or you can join an influencer marketing platform.


2. Jump Fame

3. Shout Cart

4. Famebit


Be sure to disclose sponsored Instagram posts, or you might end up in trouble with the FTC. As a consumer protection agency, the FTC is tasked with the prevention of fraudulent or deceptive advertising, and educating marketers about their responsibilities under truth-in-advertising laws and standards.


To avoid the headaches, make sure to use hashtags #sponsored or #ad along with a caption that indicates that you’ve been compensated to promote a product.


Start A Business: (make money on Instagram)

For some businesses Instagram is a gold mine when building a community around your brand. Instagram can be used to build a loyal audience that will not only follow your account and product, but follow your businesses story. Instagram is a great way to micro-blog and tell your business’s story through quality visuals. Whether it’s a link to a product, to a blog or just to an affiliate product Instagram is a great medium. If you create that solid following, your business will be able to develop a solid CTR and generate leads through Instagram. Which will ultimately make you money.


Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. Though the initial set up is for selling physical goods, you have the options of adding extensions to Shopify that enables you to sell digital products.


Combined with product tagging on Instagram, it makes it super easy to convert your followers into customers. The product tag is a feature that lets you tag your products on Instagram with a shoppable link.


This feature is currently rolling out to eligible and approved businesses in the US. It may not be available to you at this time.

To ensure you’re eligible and ready to use Instagram product tagging:

  1. Install the Facebook catalog
  2. Set up an Instagram Business Account
  3. Add a Shop Section on your Facebook Page



Sell Your Instagram Account: (make money on Instagram)

Selling your account is your one time payout for all your followers. If you manage multiple accounts and decide that its just too much work, this is a great option to cash out.


From a study of a thousand accounts, the going rate is about 1 cent per follower. To calculate how much your account is worth, multiply your total followers by 0.01. For example, an account with 100,000 followers will be worth around $1,000.


Here’s a list of a few sites to list your Instagram account.

  1. Fame Swap
  2. SocialTradia


Final thoughts: (make money on Instagram)

These are just some of the many ways you can make money with Instagram; there are plenty of other money making websites for you to explore.


It’s important to remember that making money on social media isn’t necessarily easy. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to work hard, test and experiment, your chances at success will be far greater than the chances of those who just want to “give it a try” to see what happens.


So, build a strategy, don’t just wing it. Make a plan for how you’re going to reach your financial goals, and be willing to adjust as necessary. Best of luck.