Write killer tweet for your twitter marketing campaign

Looking for the answer How to write killer tweet for your twitter marketing campaign? Well, look no further, take a look at this article and end of this article you can write better tweet than anytime.


Telling a story with just 140 characters? Yes, this is called twitter!


At first you need to know that twitter has a limitation of 140 characters and you can’t post anything in twitter if it’s more than that. So everything in twitter you have to express in 140 characters.

write killer tweet

1 image takes 24 characters and 1 link (URL) takes 23 characters.


So, if you insert 1 image in a post you have 116 characters more to write your post. Please see details in below image.

write killer tweet

If you insert 1 link and 1 image in a post you have 93 characters more to write. Please see details in below image.

write killer tweet


Well, we have learned the basic elements of tweet now will go to the main point. You are reading this article because you are going to create a twitter marketing campaign for your business.


Be Polite and Creative

There is actual proof that your tweets are more likely to be retweeted if you’re polite! ‘Please’ is the 3rd most retweetable word in twitter. Try peppering your tweets with these words and phrases, please, watch, click, check out, view etc. will get you more clicks if you use them in your tweets.


Research and Tweet With Hash Tags – Write killer tweet

Research details about your competitors and note down which keywords / hash tags they are using in twitter. You may us twitter advanced search to find them. Now write your tweet using important hash tags to reach potential people.


Hash tags are the post important element in a tweet. The only way to reach potential people is hash tag. Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement.


Too much hash tags can take you out of the trends so use only the proper hash tags with every tweet. You may use different hash tags with same tweet. 1 or 2 hashtags will get you 21% more engagement than if you add 3 or more.


Tweet With Link

Recent Statistic Shows: Tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be retweeted. So, this is important to insert link in your post. Make sure to use short URL in your posts and don’t include www or http. Example: If your short URL is https://t.co/IE6n7Grifd then just include t.co/IE6n7Grifd in the post. It will help you to prevent your link mark spam by social media sites.


Tweet With Image – Write killer tweet

One image worth is more than hundred words. Tweets with images received 18% more clickthroughs, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets!


You may write short message on the image to attract people so that they visit your link or follow you.


Keep Some Space For Other People

Don’t fill the 140 characters for every tweet. Keep some space for other people. Many people will retweet is manualy adding RT in your tweet and many people will mention you adding @yourtwitter in your tweet. Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement.


 Interesting Fact You Might Not Know – Write killer tweet


“70% of small businesses are on Twitter…are you?”

Your customers are on twitter, they want to engage with you and would like to know about your service and product there. So you are not presence in twitter, hopefully you are losing some potential customers.


“67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter”

Building your online following is essential to extending the e-commerce efforts of your brand online. Users are much more likely to respond and buy brands that make them feel special.


“53% of people recommend companies and products on Twitter.”

If that many people are recommending your company or products, your company should have a presence to be a part of the conversation.


“42% of consumers learn about products and services via Twitter.”


Keep in mind that, twitter marketing works well in long term and long term twitter marketing can brings ROI (return of investment) for you! So, whenever you are going to start twitter marketing for your business, do it long term and win the race.