How to create an ebook to sell with your own website

Ebook is the great way to get more sales, leads, and conversions. It also can help you to drive traffic to your site, increase your reputation and make money online. For these reasons, anyone running an online business ought to learn how to create an ebook. You can always make your own eBook , it’s no big deal. The first major step is to write the book. After that, I’d say there are 3 steps to creating the ebook.

How to create an ebook

How to create an ebook?

  1. Write your ebook with proper title and content.
  2. Create a professional ebook with proper cover photo.
  3. Convert your ebook and upload to a website.


Step 1: Write your ebook

Choose an effective topic for your book that may love your readers. This will likely be the most challenging and most rewarding part of your journey.


After getting the topic, come up with a killer title. When selling eBooks, the title can be a game changer.


You must actually write the book. On your computer use either Microsoft Word, or some other text editor. Write the entire book out. Then edit the crap out of it. I really mean it. You will not want to publish it with a lot of typos and other mistakes in it, so edit and correct. Also, I highly suggest having someone else edit it for you as well because we are not very good at spotting our own mistakes.


People will buy your eBook to learn how to do something. So, make it informative, simple and clear. The key to selling eBooks is to write simply and clearly.


Step 2: Create a professional ebook

After reading the title of the book, people will look at the cover design. No matter what you have written on the book, if the cover photo is not attractive people may skip it. Prospective buyers will judge your eBook by its cover. A good book cover suggests professionalism, and gives customers a sense that work has gone into the product. Here are a few elements of a good eBook cover:

  • Make the title a different color than the background
  • Set your title in a large, easy to read font
  • Visual elements should be 300 dpi
  • Beware of copyright – don’t use images or design elements that you don’t have permission to use
  • Use good images – avoid cheap standard stock photography



Step 3: Convert your eBook and upload to a website

Correctly formatting your ebook is important for selling online. For Amazon Kindle, the file format is Mobi. For other readers, the universal eBook format is Epub, Apple iBookstore, and Kobo. Epub is also a good option for selling it directly from your own website. If convenient for your readers, you can also sell your eBook in PDF format. If you are selling from your own website you can easily have all three formats available for the customer to choose between.


Now it’s time to upload your ebook to any of your preferred website. Take a small research on Google and set the price, and then add the product to your desire website.


Final words:

There are dozens of ebook creator websites out there that will let you create professional eBooks. Creating eBooks yourself takes time and outsourcing is very costly. Fortunately we have found an ebook creator site that can help you to create an ebook in a few minutes with low cost.