The Complete Guide on How and Where to Sell Your Antiques Online

Here is How and Where to Sell Your Antiques Online. The painting or vase you found in grandma’s basement or at a yard sale is now an antique. You want to sell it but you have no clue where. There are several online venues for selling antiques. They offer a platform for showcasing and getting the best value for your item. Some are even free and some provide appraisal services. Following is a list of a few places to sell your antiques and collectibles online.

Sell Your Antiques Online

Sell Your Antiques Online on Junkables

This is definitely one of the best sites for selling your antiques. Listing is absolutely free with no seller fees or other hidden costs. Once you register, the site makes it easy to upload photos and add the item description. The people at Junkables are very friendly and offer video tutorials on every aspect of becoming a successful seller. There are numerous categories to choose from including a “wanted” section in case someone is looking to buy a specific item. This is a great alternative to Ebay.


USA Antiques Online

This site is a little more sophisticated and they do charge for listings though not very much. They tend to feature high-end items and charge accordingly but there are cheaper items as well. USA Antiques seems to attract dealers though they emphasize that individual listings are welcome. They offer lots of specific categories and consider themselves a classified ad marketplace. It is a busy site with links to auctions, art shows and services. One problem is the pages jump every thirty seconds or so when ads are changed. This is a good place to sell your expensive antiques.


I Antique Online

I Antique is not only a place to sell and buy treasures, it is a community of antique-lovers as well. Members create their own selling page and can share their experiences in the forums. In the “group” section, you can get help identifying and evaluating the market value of your antique. You can list up to five items a day. The site includes plenty of links from where to find parts and pieces to best antique malls and flea markets. This is a very friendly place where members help and support other members.


Sell Your Antiques Online on Etsy

Though better known for selling handcrafted items, Etsy’s “vintage” category is ever expanding and is a perfect platform to showcase your smaller antiques. It is a lively community with over 15 million buyers and sellers. Here you can open your own shop and there are no membership fees. They do charge twenty cents to list an item for 4 months. Once you sell, they charge a 3.5% fee. The website is great and user-friendly and they offer online labs to get you started. Etsy has a good reputation and is well worth the time.


Ruby Lane

This award winning website is well known for its targeted and quality traffic. Launched in 1998, Ruby Lane is the place to list your better antiques. They do have a tiered pricing structure but it’s very affordable. Ruby Lane is seller-friendly. They won first place in customer service in the 2012 ECommerce Bytes Sellers Choice Awards. They know their stuff and often feature promotional sales and every power tool possible to sell your antiques for the best possible price. Ruby Lane is the queen of online antique sales.


Old And Sold

Old And Sold is an antiques auction and marketplace that is full of information about antiques so you’ll know exactly what you are about to sell. Selling is free here with no hidden fees. I’ve seen items sold for as much as $10,000 and as little as $1.00. Their selling format is similar to Ebay’s and easy to use. Old and Sold also offers an appraisal service with a one-time cost of $9.95 per item. This very detailed site also has a Chat forum for questions and discussions. Customer service is also friendly and efficient.


Sell Your Antiques Online on Web Store

WebStore isn’t just for antiques but many people sell them there. It is both an auction house and a marketplace and selling is absolutely free. You can sell as an individual or open a free store. You can sell your item at a fixed price or list as an auction. This site is very lively with thousands of listings and buyers. At this time there are over 20,000 antiques and artwork items available. The format is simple to use and browsing is a breeze. Another nice feature is the “neighborhood view” where you can see what’s for sale near you. WebStore has won awards and has great reviews.



TIAS has been around since 1995 and was the Readers’ Choice award winner at in 2011. They also were in the “Top 10” sellers choice in ECommerce Bytes Award. At TIAS, sellers open a shop which has a monthly fee but from the reviews and reputation it’s apparently worth it. Over 700,000 people visit TIAS every month and they get your merchandise on all major search engines. TIAS offers a 60 day free trial so you can check it out for free. They cover the gamut in antique categories and have been very successful through the years.


Sell Your Antiques Online on Bonanza

Bonanza is known as a marketplace for handmade goods but their antique and vintage category is ever growing in both size and popularity. With great reviews from many sources including CNN and Family Circle Magazine, Bonanza is a smart website. You can import items already listed on Ebay. Listing is free on Bonanza though they do charge a 3% fee after your item is sold. They keep things simple and customer service is great with phone support and live chat. Bonanza believes in treating their sellers right.