Are you looking for free Instagram likes? Look no longer, you are at the right place. You might know that allmarketingtrends is the largest and reliable social media services provider since 2012. We are happy to offer a free service to our honorable audience all over the world and you can take the opportunity also to get 1000 free Instagram likes for your post now.

1000 Free Instagram Likes

If you want to buy 1000 likes for your post from the internet it will cost more than $2 but here we are offering 1000 likes free. All you just need to make a post for us in your Instagram page. Yes, that is it!


Note: Please don’t delete the post from you Instagram page and keep it 90 days minimum and if you can’t do it, this offer is not for you. Let’s be honest and help together.


How to get 1000 free Instagram likes?

  1. Publish below image and text in your Instagram account.
  2. Sent us the post URL using below form. (The post you posted for us)
  3. Sent us your posts URL using below form. (The posts you want to get likes)


You can sent 10 posts URL to get 100 likes on each or may sent 1 post URL to get 1000 likes on it.


Use below text:

#AllMarketingTrends can provide up to 100,000 likes on a single #Instagram post with cheap rate. Check out their services and packages price today at


Use below image:

free Instagram likes

Who can participate?

Everyone can participate if their Instagram account is 2 month old and have minimum 50 followers in it. There is no country barrier so you can take this offer from any country and location.


How many times I can participate?

You can participate only one time from an Instagram account.



Please don’t delete the post from your page and keep it minimum 3 months. If you can’t do that, please don’t participant this offer and be honest.


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