Facebook is the largest social media site in the world and All Marketing Trends is the largest social media service provider in the world. We have own social media server and able to provide high quality service with cheap rate. We are happy to introduce here the fb auto liker service now. Whether you are an individual, business owner or celebrity and looking to increase your Facebook fan base, reputation and fame. Or a marketer trying to promote services, we can help.

Fb auto liker

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Benefits of Buying FB Auto Liker Service:

Instantly increase your customer base and expose more people to your products and services. Every time you update your social media page, these services will receive your updates in real-time, meaning they will see pictures of your products and services and get instant information about the things you are promoting.


You can expand your audience without any effort or major expense. Instead of waiting around for people to stumble upon your page (which may never happen) you will get an instant audience without having to doing extensive and expensive work.

If people go to a Facebook or Twitter account and see a business with only a few services, it will not reflect highly on the business. Most people will just go to another site. By having thousands of services, your business will garner instant credibility. People tend to want to buy products and services from businesses that appear to be credible, and the more services you have, the higher your credibility will be.

Dollar for dollar, building a large social media network is the smartest and most cost-effective investment your business can make. On average, a social media connection costs 95% less than securing the same lead through traditional lead generation programs.

Buying social media services will give you an immediate advantage over your competition, especially those competitors who do not have a social media presence. If your page has thousands of services and your competitor only has a few, then you will appear to be more popular and successful, which will give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Receive likes immediately after posting to your Facebook page. Our auto Facebook Likes Service will send likes to each new post you make automatically- within minutes of you posting it to your account. Now, you can really impress visitors to your profile and attract more services!

How Does FB Auto Liker Service Work?

For example: Aryan wants 293 likes to be sent to his next 20 Facebook posts. After the 20th post the system will mark his order complete.


Warning: Our system will scan your account every 5-10 minutes to look for new posts. Once it finds a new post, it will add your auto likes order immediately to the queue to be processed. If you delete a post after our service has added it to the job queue, you will NOT BE CREDITED for the deleted post.


Facebook post must be set to public in order for service to pick up a new post. Account must have at least one public post in order for subscription to be activated.


Delivery: Orders placed before 8:00 PM CST will be processed within 1 hour of receipt. Orders placed after 8:00 PM CST will be processed the next business day. We will send you an email once your subscription is activated.



Why Buy FB Auto Liker Service From All Marketing Trends?

At BRSM we know you are busy so let us take care of your post likes and you can focus on posting great Facebook content. With this service you will get a lot of natural action and interactions as comments, replies, which will increase the post reach and post engagment on the page.

For a quick example, lets say Facebook page USER1 orders package 1 now USER1 will receive 2000-3000 likes per post for Thirty Days. Facebook page USER1 sees a huge increase in Facebook Edge rank which means that because the posts are so popular with so many likes it is shown to more of their organic likes.

It is a known fact that the more interaction your posts get the better reach you receive to your existing fan base. This means your posts will show up on more of your fans feeds and receive even more organic likes, shares, and comments. Don’t forget to add lots of hashtags and website links to utilize this service to its maximum potential.

The SEO benefits of this service is enormous also because after the latest Google update social signals are one of the main ranking factors in 2017. Every time you post with your website links you will get 2000-3000 social signals to your website with the link in the post!

When you buy Facebook auto likes not only do you raise engagement on your page but raise your websites ranking in Google also! Go ahead and try one of our Facebook auto likes packages today and experience one of our premier Facebook marketing services. Buy auto likes for Facebook and get your posts the exposure they should have.

This is a monthly subscription plan meaning that for the length of your membership we will include the defined quantity of likes per post up to a maximum of 300 posts per month. If you make more than 300 posts per month than we would call you a social media marketing super hero but 99.9% of people do not make more than 10 posts a day ? When you buy real Facebook auto likes packages we work on your page for the packages specified everyday as long as you are subscribed to our service. It is truly an innovative

How many Facebook Post Likes will I get?

You will get the amount of auto likes you have purchased. For example, if you buy the 100-150 package, you may receive 111 Likes or maybe 146 Likes. Each post is different.

How many Facebook Posts can I post per day?

You’ll receive likes on up to 3 posts per day. We have to do this to prevent abuse of our system. If you need more though, just use our manual Facebook post likes service.


Will this service add Likes to my old posts?

Nope, it works only for new posts or status. If you want likes on your old posts, you have to get those individually here.

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