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You might know that Facebook is the most popular and crowded social media site in the world. All ages people are using Facebook for personal or business use. As the giant social media site, Facebook can drive thousands of potential traffic to your website.  In order to promote your business and make sales through Facebook publicity, it is necessary to get thousands of likes on your page, so that you can benefit more every day. The numbers of likes you receive represent the number of people following you on Facebook. This helps in developing trust in your brand and thus helps you make more sales. In this article I will teach you how to get more Facebook Page Likes for your personal or business page and end of the article you can do that easily.


Facebook Page Likes


How to Increase Facebook Page Likes: Free Tricks

Optimize your page for search: Complete your page with nice related header and related keywords. Then complete your page about section with proper description, name, address, phone number and add your website link in web section.


Pin your top post: If you see any post in your page generating good engagements and impression you can pin that post. When any visitor land on your page they might check your pinned post first and if they find it interesting or helpful then should contribute you by like, share or comments and it can help you to get ton’s of organic likes on your fan page. Make sure to keep it fresh, always featuring your best-performing content in this high-visibility location.


Post quality content: Don’t share only link or only text but use related image and hash tags with them. Relevant image and hash tags can still be a great way to increase engagement and reach on your page and posts. Don’t post only promotional content but post other as well. It’s best if you post 80% non promotional content and 20% promotional content otherwise people will dislike your page.


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Use Facebook Insights: Regularly visit your Facebook Insights and find out which content is getting more engagements with your audience. Find the posts that have received the most engagement and highest reach, and share these types of content more often. Huge engagements can increase your page visibility and it can brings more likes for your fan page.


Join related Facebook groups: There are thousands of Facebook groups but just join on the related groups then post informative content there to build relationships and trust. If people like what you have posted, there’s a good chance they’ll hover over your name to find out more about you and like your page to get more update. .



Invite more people: Find more of your friends on Facebook by uploading your email contacts using the steps. If you have a valid and active email list you can apply this tricks to increase Facebook Page Likes. You can invite maximum 5000 Contacts at a time.


Did You Find  Above Facebook Page Likes Tricks Helpful?

If you find it helpful then why not share with your social media and help more people? Didn’t find them helpful? Well, continue reading, we have more tricks for you and I am sure end of the article you will find some helpful tricks for you.


Get more reviews-ratings: Having more review-rating in your fan page helps establish credibility and convince new visitors to your sales page. Having a decent amount of Facebook Page Reviews shows customers you’re the real deal, and can help increase Facebook likes in the process. I have posted another article about the importance of Facebook reviews for your business and you may read it.


Offer customer support on your fan page: There are plenty of ways to add Facebook live support in your web page and you may add Facebook messenger to your web page. Customers who have received good support, or who may need it in the future, will probably like your page.


You may try all of the above free tricks to increase fan page likes. Actually there is no rocket science to increase page likes quickly. Seriously, you do get variety of tactics online, but not all of them work and provide quick results. It may take time to get several hundreds likes using free tricks. But there are some paid tricks that work quickly and you can get millions of likes using them.


How to Increase Facebook Page Likes: Paid Tricks

Facebook Ads: This is the best option to get real likes within a short period of time. If you have a good amount of budget then you may go for Facebook paid ads. You can target the audience type and geography when create Facebook ads.


Buy page likes: There are hundreds of website in the internet selling likes but this is difficult to find the reliable one as the internet is full of scam. We offer full Facebook Marketing Services and you may Buy Facebook Page Likes from us. We the industry leader and have own social media panel. That’s why we can provide high quality service with cheapest rate that no one in the internet can provide. Moreover, we provide lifetime guarantee for the likes. You may try a small order with us and if satisfied then can order regularly.


Facebook Page Likes Tricks: Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that, only page likes can’t reach you to the destination. Without proper engagements there is no value of your likes. If you want to convert your followers to customers then focus on the content. Because content is king and engagements is queen. Without advertising budget this is impossible to increase page likes. So, if you really want to grow your fanbase it’s time to make a budget for advertising.

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