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Twitter followers: Is it worthwhile b...

Twitter followers: Is it worthwhile buying?

I’ve been in the Twitter game for some time now and buying twitter followers is a core element to my strategy to grow massive accounts. If I didn’t buy them, there’s no way my accounts would have grown the way that they did or make me as much money as they did; simple as that. […]

Importance of Instagram Engagements (...

Importance of Instagram Engagements (followers, likes and comments)

We can’t think internet marketing without social media. Instagram is the most popular picture based social media site in the world. It is gaining immense popularity and demand among the globe and has been successful in gaining attention of every people in the most effective way. Millions of users are making use of Instagram for […]

The importance of Facebook reviews fo...

The importance of Facebook reviews for your business

The importance of Facebook reviews for your business is extreme. Everyone from school students to top label managements uses Facebook, so if your business doesn’t have a presence there, you are losing potential customers. No matter what areas you are trying to reach, a decent amount of audience in on Facebook, where they are gathering, reading, writing, […]

How to Promote Your Online Business

How to Promote Your Online Business

The internet marketplace has proven to be a viable online business opportunity for those who learn how to market and promote themselves wisely. For them looking for the same type of opportunity, internet marketplace is a great way for them to learn responsibility, finance, and business, while having fun doing something positive for themselves and […]

The Best Social Media Promotion Sites...

The Best Social Media Promotion Sites for Small Business Owners

So, you run a successful small business. Whether you sell scented candles over the holidays or provide accounting services for big player clients, your business needs a social media marketing strategy to thrive in today’s web-based economy. To start things off, let’s cover the basics: The best of the best social networking platforms when it […]

How to Become Famous on Twitter

How to Become Famous on Twitter

Twitter has taken over the world. What was once a simple social network for sharing short, snippets of text with others has become interwoven in all facets of our lives.   Hashtags are nearly impossible to avoid in this day and age. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people can become famous from doing […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Busi...

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Small businesses need to get social – or risk being left behind.   Three easy first steps In today’s world of uber-advancing technologies, small businesses need to remain on par with current social media culture – if they are even to look competitive.   Although we, as small business owners, may not be as up-to-date […]

Top Social Media Statistics for Every...

Top Social Media Statistics for Every Small Business

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and small businesses now realize that if they wish to reach their prospects and customers, their online presence in social media is a foundation of their overall marketing strategy. As a small business owner, it’s important to understand what you’re trying to achieve with social media before you get started. […]

Social Media Management : Why It̵...

Social Media Management : Why It’s Important

Social media management is a growing trend among businesses because it can improve results drastically. That’s because the tools that you can use to manage your social networking give you a great deal of information that can help you gain more followers, become more relevant to the followers that you do have, and ultimately, grow […]

Social media provides a 3:1 return on...

Social media provides a 3:1 return on investment, claims IAB study

For every £1 spent in social media, a potential value of £3.34 can be generated, according to a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) into FMCG brands including Heinz, Kettle and Twinings. Research found four out of five consumers would be more inclined to buy a brand more often in the future after being […]

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