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YouTube is the most popular video marketing platform in the world. Views are important for success in YouTube Marketing. Video marketing is common in Youtube and you can reach thousands of potential people by doing it. But to be success with it, video views are very much important. The more views you will get, the more people will land to your website and the most people will subscribe to your channel, ultimately you will get more exposures. We are happy to announce that now you can Buy YouTube Views from moreover we offer worldwide and country targeted views. So, you have the option to choose views from worldwide or from a specific country. Please see below packages and prices we are offering now.

Buy YouTube Views Worldwide (Not monetize views)

  • 3 Minutes Retention – 500 – 1k / Day Speed !
    • MAX 100K
    • Real Human Windows Desktop Embedded Views
    NON-DROP Lifetime Guarantee
    • INSTANT START if we are online
    • 100% Unique Traffic
    • World-Wide Views Added in a NON-STOP Natural Pattern
    • OK for VEVO
    • Must be Embed Enabled & Open to ALL Countries
  • You can split the order. (If you want to split, please contact us before order!)
Package Name and Price How to buy?
2k worldwide YT Views – $11

5k worldwide YT Views – $25

10k worldwide YT Views – $50

25k worldwide YT Views – $125

50k worldwide YT Views – $250

100k worldwide YT Views – $500

YouTube Views Worldwide
Video URL
How many views it has now?

Buy YouTube Views

Why you need to buy YouTube views?

More views on your YouTube video can increase your authority. Social proof works well with every social media site so, more views means more exposures and more people will watch your videos.

High volume of video views can makes your video stand out over the community. It draws people’s attention easily because people watch popular one and it significantly opens more doors for your success.

You might know that, YouTube videos can be ranked much higher on search engines than your website. Because, YouTube own by Google and it has high domain authority which is essential to get ranking.

Do you want to promote your name and establish your brand online? There is no other way than YouTube to do that! One image worth is more than thousands words so how much worth a video is? Just make quality video, upload it to your YouTube channel and use our service.

Why you should buy YouTube views from All Marketing Trends?

All views send from your server is real and human views.

Our high speed server ensure the order delivery fast.

We provide 100% money back guarantee if the views drop.

Have variety of package for every budget.

Accepts almost all major online payment methods.

Dedicated support and we online 16 hours everyday over the week.

100% safe and risk free service for your channel.

Can I earn money with Adsense?

Adsense is the best way to make money online. Hundreds of video creators are making thousands of dollar every month using it. Yes, you can earn money with adsense but we don’t encourage customers to do that. Because, sponsors are spending money to get benefits and this service wouldn’t help them. On the other hand this service is great for the video publisher and it can brings thousands of dollar for them.

We offer both monetize and non monetize views. Our technical team has developed the server over past 5 years and now offering the game changing service here. The real views from our server can help you to monetize your YouTube account and rank better on the search engine.

How long does it take to complete my order?

It will take 12 – 72 hours to complete your order. YouTube is totally different social network than other site because it’s own by Google. If we sent massive amount of views to your video they can detect it and will remove them. That’s why we sent views normally as other peoples get organic views.

Sometimes it takes more than 72 hours to appear the views on your video.In some cases, Youtube may delay the count updates because of changes on their end. We can’t control that part but ultimately, you will get what you paid for.

Are other people buy YouTube views?

Yes, thousands of other celebrity, music artist, video creators and small business are doing this. It’s a simple YouTube marketing strategy to help build credibility and popularity. If you have an awesome video with enough engagements and views, it will help kick start your campaign.

No one in the internet will tell you the truth but we know that as a YouTube services provider. Not only small business but many establish brands buying views , engagements and subscribers for their campaign.

Do I need to buy Subscribers, Likes, Favorites and Comments too?

Just think about yourself, if a channel has 100 subscriber and no like, favorites, comments on the video but 100,000 views in it! What do you think about it? It looks fake, right? Yes, this is impossible to get 100,000 views on a video organically if there is no subscribers and engagements.

You want to build trust and authority though your YouTube channel and video, is not it? So, this is important to make the views count logical. That’s why if you don’t have enough subscribers and engagements you must need to buy them.

If you want to get benefits from YouTube you must need more subscribers. Do you need more subscribers to your channel? You may buy YouTube subscribers now.

When you have thousands of views and subscribers but no engagements (share, like, dislike and comment) then people will think your views and subscribers are fake. So, let’s be real in front of the community and build trust with engagements. You may buy YouTube shares and Buy YouTube Favorites now.

Having problem with the PayPal buy now button or do you have any question regarding the services then, just write me details using any of our support methods.

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by Jake Cameron on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

This was perfect!! I've ordered from other sites like qqtube, and compared to them, All Marketing Trends is sooo much better. The views here are legit, from actual sources and the viewers are actually targeted. I am coming back for me guys, so expect me!

by Callum Page on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

Ordered 50k views and got over 55k and was happily impressed, however I did select the order to be gradual but they seemed to of failed on that side however very pleased with the service. Lets hope they can make the order gradual if selected within the future!

by Rhys Jones on YouTube Views
YouTube Views


by Ryan Long on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

Very happy overall, thanks!

by Harriet Parkin on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

Great service, 2nd time used 2nd time happy !

by Thomas Rogers on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

Perfect A++++

by Joe Norman on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

I highly recommend working with these guys! Thank you so much for all your hard work! They went above and beyond!

by Olivia May on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

Great communication, great service, great job! Highly recommend

by Bradley Hicks on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

I just order again

by Evie Parry on YouTube Views
YouTube Views

awesome as always thanks again.

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