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Instagram, yes it’s the most growing and most engaging social media site in the world now. Instagram encourages users to follow one another, likes photo / video and engage via comments, three actions that can cause users to be seen as “famous” by the community. I’ve been doing Instagram marketing for several years and I’ve seen some Instagram  accounts go from zero to hero in a heartbeat and some have worked their way to fame in a decade. In the end it doesn’t really matter how long it takes. If you want it enough, you can achieve this. The world really is your oyster. There are certain best practices that help you to become Instagram famous. As an Instagram marketing expert I’ve put together this article to help everyone get into the spotlight faster.

become Instagram famous

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the hottest and best social media platforms out there. A lot of people (including myself) say that Instagram is the best place to engage with your audience. The engagement rate on Instagram compared with other social media platforms is several times higher. It’s going to be a billion users community soon! So yes, it makes sense to be present on Instagram, is not it?


If you have a lot’s of followers and engagements, you can take your business, service or product to the next label. There are thousands of people out there making money on Instagram. So, if you have an intention to make money with it, you can do so.


All you just need, a lot of followers and huge engagements on the post. There are several ways there for Instagram personal branding. If you execute well, then your brand will be recognized immediately, even if a user only glances at an individual image in their stream. Branding can help you to get authority on the community.


How to become Instagram famous fast?

First of all check your Instagram account and make sure your Instagram profile is public. If your posts aren’t public, you can’t grab peoples attention. Then complete your profile with real picture and write a profile description that will motivate people to follow you. Describe yourself in a meaningful way to attract the right kind of followers.


To become Instagram famous you must need to know how it works. Instagram is not like other social media sites because it doesn’t allow link in the post. Besides, it’s all about hash tags. Social proof is the main factor to be success in Instagram. So, before going to the next steps you must need to know details about social proof.


People don’t want to know who you are and what you have posted. They just want to know how popular you are and how popular your post are? People measure popularity by followers count and engagements. The more followers and engagements you have the more popular you are. So, without followers and engagements you can’t be famous on Instagram.


I think, you now want to know how to get huge followers and engagements, right? Well, this is very hard to get organic followers and engagements. But there is an easy way to get that. Yes, you can utilize the social proof here to get more organic followers and engagements.


You would be surprise to know that many leading politician, brands, celebrities, musician, individual and small business are taking advantage from social proof. If there is no value of social proof so why they are spending millions of dollar for it? Are they mad? Or they have no other ways to spent the money? Just keep in mind that, nobody spent a single penny without any reason.


What is social proof and how it works?

Social proof is the psychological preference for doing what other people are doing, because if other people are doing it, it proves that it must be worthwhile.


Let’s go back to the restaurant example for a second. The reason you’re tempted to visit one of the restaurants with people in it instead of an empty one is because you assume the empty restaurants aren’t as good. After all, if they served good food, people would be in them, right?


That’s social proof in action. Even if the empty restaurants actually have better food and service, since more people are in the other ones, the assumption is they’re better.


Got it? This concept can work for your Instagram growth and can make you famous fast. So, you want to become famous on Instagram fast, right? Well, let’s show the Instagram world that you are famous one and your content is great.


Get thousands of followers and become Instagram famous fast:

Creating an account is just like a b c but getting followers is too much hard. There are several ways to get thousands of followers over night you may try them. Instagram paid ads is one of the best method but it cost very high. Another way is buying followers from reliable provider like all marketing trends. Few days ago I have written an article on How to Get Instagram Followers Organically and Quickly, you may read it. Keep in mind that, more followers on your account should brings more organic followers for you. No matter if you have fake followers or real followers, if people see you have lot’s of followers, they might follow you. On the other hand, if the same people see a few followers in your account, they might skip it.


Get thousands of engagements and become Instagram famous:

Engagements means like, save, comment, video views in Instagram. Getting likes on a post or getting views on a video is not easy. No matter what you are presenting on it, if it has not enough likes, comments or views, people should not engage. So, getting engagements on your post is important, because it brings organic engagements.


The more organic engagements you will get, the exposures you should get. Lot’s of exposures can take your business or career to the next label.


Post regularly with proper hash tags:

Instagram is all about hashtags. So, at first take a small research on the community and find out which hash tags are important for you. Which hash tags are using your competitor or industry leaders? Then use them in your post to reach on their audience.


If you post regularly with those hash tags and got enough engagements, within a few days you can see your post at the top of those hash tag search. Just do it regularly and create at least 30 posts. Once you will get top position of those hash tags, you will get massive amount of exposures.


Change bio link according to the post:

As you know Instagram don’t allow link in the post description so it’s important to change the bio link according to the post.


There is no magical methods to become Instagram famous fast. Just follow above tips and do it until you reach your destination and become famous on Instagram fast.