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Twitter Influencer in Your Industry – How to Be That!

Golam Rabbani/ December 1, 2017/ Twitter Tips

Twitter is one of the most popular and top engaging social media site in the world. Twitter has 330 million plus monthly active user and the number are increasing day by day. From teenager to celebrity everyone is using Twitter everyday to read news, search product, read reviews and many more purpose. As a small or medium size business owner

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The importance of Facebook reviews for your business

Golam Rabbani/ September 15, 2017/ Social Media

The importance of Facebook reviews for your business is extreme. Everyone from school students to top label managements uses Facebook, so if your business doesn’t have a presence there, you are losing potential customers. No matter what areas you are trying to reach, a decent amount of audience in on Facebook, where they are gathering, reading, writing, shopping and sharing recommendations with

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Marketing Means Connecting with Your Potential Customers

Golam Rabbani/ July 13, 2017/ Advertising, Marketing

Let me first describe, what is marketing? Marketing is communication with the intent of informing and educating an audience or consumer about a product or service including its value to them. Marketing is at the heart of your business. On other words, Marketing Means Connecting with Your Potential Customers. Businesses engages in a variety of activities to market to their target

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How and Where to Sell Your Antiques Online

Golam Rabbani/ June 1, 2017/ Ebay, Etsy, Sales

Here is How and Where to Sell Your Antiques Online. The painting or vase you found in grandma’s basement or at a yard sale is now an antique. You want to sell it but you have no clue where. There are several online venues for selling antiques. They offer a platform for showcasing and getting the best value for your

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How to increase your sales with the right keywords

Golam Rabbani/ June 1, 2017/ Sales, Small Business

This article will teach you How to increase your sales with the right keywords. Selling Products Online isn’t an Easy Task! If you are an Amazon Associate, EBay Affiliate Partner or you are just trying to sell your own products, you are definitely grappling with tons of ways and techniques to build traffic to your website, blog, and/or e-shop. You

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How to Promote Your Online Business

Golam Rabbani/ May 5, 2017/ Small Business, Social Media

The internet marketplace has proven to be a viable online business opportunity for those who learn how to market and promote themselves wisely. For them looking for the same type of opportunity, internet marketplace is a great way for them to learn responsibility, finance, and business, while having fun doing something positive for themselves and others. For them looking to

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How to Sell Art Online or at Craft Shows

Golam Rabbani/ April 3, 2017/ accessories, Craft

This is How To Sell Art Online Painting and other crafts can earn you money as a part time job. Art is a very relaxing and creative activity which I love.   Painting on canvas with acrylics is now earning me a small income too. because I am selling my paintings online.   Some Paintings By L.M.Reid Selling Art Online

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Effective Book Marketing Ideas to Promote and Sell Your Book

Golam Rabbani/ February 17, 2017/ Book Marketing

If you’ve just published your first book, congratulations! It’s an incredible accomplishment. You may check out my Effective Book Marketing Ideas to Promote and Sell Your Book.   Marketing your book doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are some ways you can market your book without a lot of thought, time, and money spent on it. Here are some ideas

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20 Crafts Ideas to Make and Sell

Golam Rabbani/ December 18, 2016/ accessories, jewelry

Succeed With 20 Crafts Ideas to Make and Sell In 24 Hours   Make Craft Items to Sell Making items to sell at a craft show can be rewarding, and profitable, if the items you choose prove to be what buyers want. So, the big question is, “What crafts are the ones most wanted?” The perfect answer is, “The ones

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