9 Alternatives to Etsy for Hand-Crafted Goods

Addicted to browsing Etsy? Maybe you’re a seller looking to grow your audience? There are plenty of other great sites available to sell and purchase handcrafted goods.

Etsy has grown rapidly since 2005 to be one of the best websites for users to buy and sell handmade or vintage products. Users can easily start their own storefront for a very modest listing fees, which has quickly made it a favourite among buyers and sellers.

If you are looking to grow your product sales or simply love browsing handmade items then these sites have you covered. Don’t forget to stop by the comment section to share your favorite websites not listed on this page.


1 – Shopify

Create Your Own Business On This Website

While Etsy has plenty of features, nothing can compare to Shopify in terms of design and data. If you’re serious about growing your business from scratch, this site can take you to the top, just like it did for the successful handmade jewelry store Biko (refer to video below).

Shopify gives you more freedom to design your storefront, allowing you to create something that will appeal to your target audience. This doesn’t mean more complexity, though, thanks to the hundreds of professional templates available.

These templates are built on top of a powerful back-end system that gives you a lot of information to improve your shopping experience. With information on visitors, including what they add to their cart, and a powerful order tracking system, its super easy to use Shopify to your advantage.

Combined with built in support for all the must-have payment methods, regular contests, and the ability to create coupon codes or gift cards for promotions, Shopify is the perfect way to sell your homemade items with more control.

Shopify – Official Website

How to Start a Jewellery Store on Shopify: Biko

2 – 3dcart

Create A High Quality eCommerce Experience

If the idea of creating your own store to cut down on fees sounds exciting, 3dcart may suit certain sellers more than other competitors.

3dcart makes store creation easy thanks to simple templates that also let you create something unique without it being a complete headache. You’ll also get all the back-end analytics and 24/8 support in case something goes wrong.

Take the jump into your own eCommerce solution with 3dcart, one of the great options out there.

3dcart – Official Website


3 – Quirky

Develop Or Purchase Unique Products

Quirky is an interesting website where you can design products as a community and shop through the ones that have already been designed. Quirky takes ideas from the community and then uses feedback t takes the product to full release.

If you’re an idea person or just love the process of creating, then Quirky lets you experience this on a larger scale.

Quirky is also perfectly suited for people looking for something special to give as a gift, thanks to the large shop filled with previously developed products that you won’t find anywhere else. From homeware to electronics, pets and more, the product range is exciting and interesting to browse.

Quirky – Browse The Shop Of Products


4 – Bonanza

One Of The Best Sites Like Etsy

Bonanza is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling a wide variety of products. The website is based on simplicity and is a powerful online selling platform. Bonanza was even voted the 2012 Easiest To Use marketplace beating out competitor websites Amazon and eBay.

Bonanza defines itself as an eBay alternative but the large number of handmade and vintage products also make it one of the best Etsy alternatives. Best of all, Bonanza has no listing fees, meaning getting started couldn’t be easier.

Bonanza – Official Website

5 – Artfire

Artfire is another one of the big Etsy alternatives available and focuses entirely on handmade products particularly crafts, art, and supplies.

The best part of this site is the extensive search options available (I personally love the search by colour option). Artfire also lets you easily browse items based on current deals and sales, including free shipping, buy one get one free, coupons and free gifts.

Artfire has some of the best-selling features available compared to other sites (which will please both buyers and sellers). This is more than just your average marketplace though, and serves as a popular place for creative minds to gather and discuss new ideas.

Artfire – Official Website


6 – Folksy

UK Only

Folksy is a UK-based website that started back in 2009 and has quickly grown to the the top ranked UK site for handmade products.

The selling rules on Folksy are simple: products must either be handmade or feature an original design. This option allows slightly more freedom then some of the other sites like Etsy, so if you find your items are getting declined on other websites, Folksy is worth your consideration.

The selling fees on Folksy are also quite reasonable considering the amount of features packed into the Folksy store fronts. Folksy will charge you £0.15 to list a product and 6% of the final selling price on basic accounts while users who upgrade to Folksy Plus (£45 a year) are not charged a listing fee.

Folksy – Home

7 – iCraft

The Home Of Homemade Gift Ideas

iCraft limits itself to handmade art, crafts, and fashions, creating a great niche of products which easily matches buyers with sellers.

iCraft offers the standard strorefont like most online marketplaces and is very similar to the Etsy format. All of iCraft’s listings are reviewed, creating a great site atmosphere for buyers as it removes junk or illegitimate listings from the website.

iCraft features a unique pricing structure. It will set you back $25 to get started which gives you the ability to list 5 free items (you can add and remove them as you see fit). From here, iCraft offers additional membership options which vary the amount of listings available.

iCraft – Official Website

8 – Silkfair

Silkfair is another handmade marketplace website that focuses on providing a user friendly purchasing experience. The simple website design combined with the large amount of advanced search features mean you can find your desired item with ease.

One unique aspect of Silkfair is that it offers both a Market Shop for users to list items and Custom Shops which are hosted for a monthly free. These Custom Shops extend well beyond your normal storefront and focus on creating a unique and branded website to help you convert your visitors into sales. It is a completely customizable website with its own URL, and is branded according to your preference. SilkFair still receives a three percent commission from all sales, but the look and feel of the site is all your own.

Silkfair – Official Website

9 – Shop Handmade

A Free Site

Shop Handmade aims to be the first free site like Etsy, allowing people to sell their handmade products without paying fees.

Shop Handmade is currently in beta although the majority of features are available. Setting up your own store front is easy and you can even get your own subdomain to create an official feeling store. Shop Handmade is posed for success as it grows in the coming years and might even overtake Etsy as a place to buy and sell handmade products.

If you are looking to venture into the world of online selling but don’t want to pay any fees to get started then Shop Handmade is the best site for you.

Shop Handmade – Home


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